Multipure’s PureBlock is an extraordinary step forward in water filtration and purification. It builds upon decades of Multipure’s superior carbon block filter technology to allow for microbiological water treatment without the need for additional power or external chemical additives.

At the heart of Multipure’s PureBlock is our revolutionary material technology that utilizes sub-nanometer filtration pores in conjunction with superior electromechanical properties, enormous surface area, and high tensile strength. Combined with activated carbon and substrate fibers, it is an ideal medium for high-quality fluid filtration without compromising on water flow rate.

Carbon mesh material used in water filtration and purification.

The result is a powerful additional layer of protection on top of Multipure’s already superior carbon block, offering 6-factor (99.9999%) bacteria removal and 4-factor (99.99%) virus removal from water. In addition, the carbon block itself utilizes mechanical filtration, physiochemical adsorption, and electrokinetic adsorption to reduce the presence of other harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Multipure Aqualuxe drinking water purifier.

The vast water purification power of PureBlock technology is found in Multipure’s Aqualuxe Drinking Water Purifier, the cutting-edge in Point-of-Use drinking water treatment. Its unparalleled performance has been tested and verified by NSF International, as demonstrated by its NSF certifications under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 (Aesthetic Effects), 53 (Health Effects), 401 (Emerging Contaminants), and Protocol P231 (Microbiological Purifier) for the reduction of dozens of contaminants.

This makes Multipure’s PureBlock the superior solution for water purification, blending exceptional efficacy, reliability, and convenience to offer a universal solution for your water filtration and purification needs.

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