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Whole House Water System


You and your family deserve the best quality water at all times. Multipure's Aquasource is one of the most effective and easiest ways to make sure your entire home enjoys a significant reduction in water contaminants.

NOTE: The Aquasource must be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with all applicable plumbing code.

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    The best!

    Posted by Sara on Sep 21st 2022

    An incredible product our our family and home. We pair ours with the AquaPerform to have the very best water. Thank you so much MultiPure!

  • 5

    Posted by Greg on Sep 4th 2022

    I looked around for years for a passive filter system that was large enough for a whole house filter. I didn't want a high maintenance system. And the so-called whole house filters from big box stores are a joke. I luckily found Aquasource. I installed one of these several years ago and have loved it. The whole house is chlorine and sediment free. I haven't had to change the refrigerator filter in years. Within just days, I could tell a difference on my skin. As a former master plumber, I couldn't get over how high the quality of this product is. It is worth the cost.

Benefits & Features

The benefits and features of the Aquasource whole house water filter system include:
  • Whole House Water Filtration – The water at every tap in your home will taste and smell better – no chemical odor of chlorine or chloramine, and no tastes or odors from particulate matter in your tap water. You will enjoy cleaner water coming out of every sink, shower, bathtub faucet, or other water-using appliance. This means cleaner water not just for your kitchen or bathroom, but also cleaner water for your dishwasher and cleaner water for your laundry. Because the Aquasource connects at only the water’s entry point to the house, you only have to maintain one system with replacement cartridges to maintain optimal performance.
  • Filtration and Flow Rate - Filtered water does you little good if it lowers the water pressure too much to use conveniently. Multipure’s Aquasource has a unique, multi-filter-cartridge design that can filter your water while still maintaining a reliable, high-flow water pressure.
  • Even More Filtering Options – The standard Aquasource configuration gives you powerful chlorine filtration throughout the house, and reduces the presence of rust, dirt, sand, algae, and other particulate matter in your water. We also offer several options to meet your specific whole house water filter needs. In municipalities that use chloramine instead of chlorine as the disinfectant additive, you can configure your Aquasource to reduce the presence of chloramine in your tap water. If hard water and limescale buildup is a problem with your plumbing, you can configure your Aquasource to include a limescale inhibitor, reducing the damaging buildup in your pipes. You can find the perfect Aquasource whole house water filter to meet your family’s needs.

How a Whole House Filter Helps You

Naturally, you can expect healthier, cleaner water when your water is properly filtered. But have you considered all the ways a whole house water filtration system helps you and your family? They include:
  • Better tasting food when cooking and washing it with filtered water.
  • More cleansing baths and showers, without the potential skin and hair dryness or damage caused by chlorine or chloramine in the water.
  • Better water for your dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, and any other water-using appliances.
  • The Aquasource can be a great a whole house well water filter system or city water filtration system.

System Options

Chlorine System

The whole-house solutions that only Multipure can provide. The Aquasource with CB20HC Filters (AQSOURCE3) is certified by IAPMO R&T for the reduction of the claims in the Performance Data Sheet and

Chlorine + Limescale Reducer System*

Same great Chlorine whole-house solution with limescale reducing feature.

Chloramine System

The whole-house solutions that helps treat Chloramine.

Chloramine + Limescale Reducer System*

Same great Chloramine whole-house solution with limescale reducing feature.
*The Aquasource has not been tested, and make no claims for the reduction of contaminants of health concern.


Replacement Filter: CB20PK*, CB20LSIPK***, CB20CLMPK, CB20CLMLSIPK*** (Size - 20” H x 4.75” D, Weight – 6 lbs.)
Capacity: 33,000 Gallons per cartridge*
Flow Rate: 10-12 gpm @ 60 psi**
Housing: 304 Stainless Steel
Rubber Items: Silicone
Inlet: 1” NPT
Outlet: 1” NPT
System Size: 41” H x 16” D
Working Pressure Range: 30 psi (2.1 kg/cm2) to 100 psi (7.0 kg/cm2)
Operating Temperature Range: 30o F (0oC) to 100o F (38o C) cold water use only
Housing Warranty: Lifetime

*Each Aquasource filter cartridge has an estimated capacity of 33,000 gallons for chlorine taste and odor reduction. **Flow rate varies depending on filter cartridges used. The Multipure Aquasource has not been tested and makes no claims for the reduction of contaminants of health concern. ***Estimated limescale reduction capacity is 7000 gallons in water with moderate hardness of 60 – 120 mg/L.