Bath & Garden Water Filters

Everyone knows you should drink more water. You hear it from your doctor, your family, and your friends. But you need to not just drink more water, but drink cleaner water – healthier water – better water. And Multipure has you covered, because our drinking water systems give you water that looks better, tastes better, and is better for your body and mind.

But why should we stop there when it comes to better water? You use water for more than just drinking, and more than just cooking. You use water for showering, for bathing, for watering your plants, for washing and feeding your pets.

Don’t your skin, your hair, your plants, and your pets deserve better water?

Well, it’s a good thing we’re Multipure, because we have you covered there, as well.

You want cleaner water in your shower? Check out our Aquashower shower filter.

You want cleaner water in your bath? Give our Aquasplash bath ball a try.

You want cleaner water from your garden hose? Hook your hose up to our Aquagrow water filter for your garden, and it’s better water across the yard.

So you might ask, “Multipure, you tell me you have all these separate home water filter products, but what if I just want one big thing – one home water filtration product to cover my entire house?
And we’d look you in the eye and give you a comforting nod of affirmation, because we got your back. You want better water from every faucet? You want a water filter for home – for all of it? Take a gander at our Aquasource whole-house system, and bask in its amazing awesomeness, because this stainless steel beauty offers you cleaner water throughout your home. Every faucet, every spigot, every pipe in the house.

Why Do You Need Better Water in the Shower and Bath?

Some people might question why you need a filter in the shower and bath. Everyone kind of, sort of gets that they shouldn’t be drinking things like lead, or arsenic, or pesticides, or bacteria and viruses. By now, it’s fairly common knowledge that those things are bad for your body, and water filtration for homes make sense to make sure those things aren’t in your drinking water. But not as many people realize that even relatively safe, contaminant-free water in your shower and bath may not be great for you. 

Here’s a quick science fact: most towns and cities add chlorine to the water supply before it gets pumped out to all the homes and businesses in the area. This gets rid of most of the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that could be hanging out in the water, making it safe to use. 

Sometimes, the water can pick up contaminants on the way to the house, but for now, let’s work on the assumption that the water is safe, but it’s got chlorine in there – something that people can pick up by taste or smell, depending on the concentration and how sensitive their senses are. 

Unfortunately for you, chlorine does have an effect on your skin and hair when you’re taking a shower or bath. Granted, it’s not like you’re going to come out of the shower with bleached-blonde hair all of a sudden, but yes, the same chemicals used in bleach are the ones used in your tap water, just maybe not to that degree (unless something is seriously wrong at the water treatment plant). 

So how does the chlorine in your shower and bath water affect you?
  • It dries out your skin, which is bad if you already suffer from dry, cracked skin.
  • It causes fading in color-treated hair, undoing some of the time, money, and effort put into colored hair.
  • It worsens skin conditions like eczema, causing inflammation or irritation.

Think about this: When you go swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool, what do they tell you to do when you’re done swimming? Rinse off in the shower. Why? To get rid of all the chlorinated pool water you’re covered in, protecting your skin and hair. 

How Do Multipure Bath Products Help?

Multipure’s home water filtration products for the bath – the Aquashower and Aquasplash – help by filtering the chlorine out of the water. They combine proprietary filter materials with crystalline quartz to give you cleaner, healthier water to wash with, and to enhance your overall showering and bathing experience. 

With an Aquashower hooked up to your showerhead, or an Aquasplash swirled through your bath water, you end up with fresh, clear, spa-experience water, leaving you with:
  • Healthier, younger-looking skin
  • Softer, more manageable hair
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp


Just like chlorine in water affects your skin and hair, so can chlorine in water affect the life in your garden. For one, you have all those plants that rely on clean water to grow and thrive; they deserve cleaner, healthier water. For another, your garden is more than just plants. Your garden is the soil, the beneficial insects, and even the microbial life in that soil – all of that can be affected by the water. Your garden is a delicate mini-ecosystem of its own, and cleaner, chlorine-free water with Multipure’s Aquagrow garden water filter helps maintain that ecosystem. 

You Mentioned Something about Pets?

The skin, fur, and/or hair of your dogs and cats can also suffer from the effects of chlorine. When it’s time for their bath, a quick swirl of an Aquasplash will help. The Aquagrow, which isn’t just a garden water filter system, can connect to your garden hose for outside bathing. It can help ensure that they’re getting washed with water that’s healthier for them. Your furry, four-legged friends deserve the protection offered by a Multipure Bath & Garden home water filtration product. 

So What’s This about Whole-House Filtration?

Let’s say your have a lot of showers in use, and you don’t want to get a separate Aquashower for each one. Or you have a lot of bathtubs in use, and you don’t want to move the Aquasplash each time for each bathtub. Or you’d prefer that every faucet, indoor and outdoor, have the same cleaner, chlorine-free water as our other Bath & Garden products. That’s what Multipure’s Aquasource is for. 

The Aquasource is a serious piece of steel, designed to withstand the high pressure water coming into the house, before that water even hits your water heater and/or water softener. It uses a proprietary triple-array of Multipure filters to clean up your water while maintaining the high pressure needed to ensure every faucet still maintains good water flow. 

What’s great about the Aquasource – aside from the fact that it affects every faucet in your house – is that it’s customizable for your needs; not every town uses chlorine (chloramine is gaining ground as a disinfection alternative in some areas), and some people might need a little extra to treat limescale buildup problems in their plumbing. 

Check out the different configurations we offer:
  • Chlorine reduction
  • Chloramine reduction
  • Chlorine reduction + Limescale reduction
  • Chloramine reduction + Limescale reduction
Just a note, though – the Aquasource is big and heavy, and deals with very high pressure water. We recommend that ONLY a licensed plumber install the Aquasource in your home.

Aquashower - Shower Water Filter

Cleaner, healthier water in your shower. The Aquashower is compact and convenient. It connects quickly and easily to your existing showerhead without additional tools required, and reduces the chlorine in your water that can harm your skin and hair. The Aquashower protects you from dried out skin, faded hair, and irritated skin conditions, while offering a more enjoyable, invigorating shower experience.

Aquasplash - Bath Water Filter

If you like to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, Multipure’s Aquasplash is invaluable at giving you a better bathing experience. Swirl it for half a minute in your bath water, and the Aquasplash bath ball reduces the chlorine in the water that can damage your skin and hair. Because it doesn’t require any installation, it’s quick, easy, and convenient to use, and is a perfect accessory for bathing your children, your pets, and yourself.

Aquagrow - Garden Water Filter

Don’t limit your water treatment to just the inside of your house. Connect the Aquagrow in-line with your existing garden hose, and you get to treat your yard and garden with healthier, chlorine-reduced water. The Aquagrow protects the delicate balance of plants, soil, and tiny beneficial lifeforms that make your yard, your garden, and your hydroponics grow and thrive.

Aquasource - Wholehouse Filter

When you want to make absolutely sure that every pipe and faucet in your home has been treated for chlorine, chloramine, or limescale, have a plumber connect an Aquasource in your garage or basement. Designed to withstand the high-pressure water at your plumbing point-of-entry, and designed to maintain high water pressure to all the pipes in your house, the Aquasource is a powerful, heavy-duty solution to cleaner water.

As a complement to your Aquasource whole-house system, we recommend a Multipure drinking water system at your kitchen sink to ensure the highest quality water for drinking, and for washing, preparing, and cooking food.