NSF 53 Certified Water Filters


There are many drinking water systems on the market that can improve the taste, or odor, or appearance of water. While some systems can also treat a few harmful contaminants in drinking water, far fewer drinking water treatment systems can treat a broad variety of harmful contaminants in drinking water.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are NSF-certified to treat the broadest range of harmful contaminants in your drinking water.

Multipure drinking water systems are certified as NSF/ANSI Standard 53 water filters. This means that the Multipure Aqualuxe, Aquaperform, Aquaversa, and Aquamini systems have been performance tested and verified by NSF International under NSF Standard 53 for the treatment of contaminants of health concern. A certified NSF 53 water filter is an assurance that your water treatment device can protect the drinking water used by your home and your family. NSF 53 certified water filters can cover a wide range of hazardous pollutants, all of which have been demonstrated as dangers to human health.

What Is Special About an NSF 53 Certified Water Filter?

All Multipure water filters give you the peace of mind that comes from an NSF Standard 53 certified product. NSF Standard 53 is known as the "Health Effects" standard. Water treatment products that are certified as NSF/ANSI standard 53 water filters receive this certification for their ability to reduce or remove harmful contaminants in unfiltered water that are known to cause adverse health effects.  

NSF International is a global company whose mission focuses on product standards related to food, water, and other items related to health and home. NSF has developed many of the most important standards for water treatment products, including NSF 42 (Aesthetic Effects), NSF 53 (Health Effects), NSF 401 (Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants), and NSF P231 (Microbiological Purifier). Contaminants that fall under the "health effects" category and can be significantly reduced by Multipure water filter products include arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury, cysts, chlordane, MTBE, PCB, radon, toxaphene, and PFOA/PFOS.    

In addition, Multipure water filters are NSF certified to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your water – a large category of harmful contaminants that include benzine, chlorobenzene, carbon tetrachloride, haloacetonitriles, ethylbenzene, tetrachloroethylene, haloketones, trihalomethanes, and many other undesirable and potentially toxic compounds.

Is NSF International Reliable?

The NSF certification badge is a symbol of confidence in the accuracy and truthfulness of a product’s performance. NSF International is an independent, third-party accredited certification body which has no affiliations with a particular food or beverage company; this means that NSF offers unbiased evaluation of product capabilities. Their sole stated goal is to promote healthier, safer products, and they have been working at that goal for over 75 years. With millions of certified products and a reputation for exceptional quality control, you can trust and rely on NSF certification. Regulatory agencies – from local through international levels – trust NSF to identify which products are of superior quality.

The Multipure Advantage

Multipure’s NSF-certified drinking water systems and solid carbon block filters reduce contaminants in tap water, improving the taste and odor of the water, and improving the overall water quality – and all without significantly impacting the overall flow rate.

Multipure offers a varied of third party certified drinking water filters for your specific contaminant reduction needs. For information on Multipure product specifications, performance data sheets, and more, please visit our website. For more information on how we received the NSF Standard 42 certification, or any of our other NSF standards for water, contact us today.