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Bath Water Filter


With an Aquasplash bath water filter, you will love the feeling of cleaner, more refreshing water. Its non-toxic filter not only dechlorinates in minutes, but it also improves the sudsing and lathering action you get in the tub while bathing. It can help your skin feel softer and look healthier, and it can also give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are not exposing yourself or your family to chlorine every time you take a bath.

How to Use the Aquasplash Bath Tub Water Filter

Activating the Aquasplash is as easy as can be. Fill your tub with water, and simply swirl the Aquasplash bath water filter around in the bathtub water for about five to seven minutes to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of chlorine in your bathwater. Then, enjoy a cleaner bath for yourself, your children, or your and pets with the confidence of Aquasplash-treated chlorine-free bathwater.

Our Promise to You

We have confidence and great pride in the Aquasplash and all of our Multipure products, which is why we back our products with our 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. We believe that once you experience a better bath through the Aquasplash, you will want to use it at every bath time. However, if you are not satisfied with your Aquasplash bath water filter, all you have to do is return it within the first 90 days for a full refund.

Why Clean Filtered Water Is So Important

Water is vital to life. It is the essential substance you use every day to clean yourself, to keep your home hygienic, and, to stay hydrated. As important as water is, it can be hard to know if the water that comes through your tap has been sufficiently treated for contaminants. Even with municipal water treatment plants, there are many contaminants that can find their way into your water. You may not be able to see them, but they may still affect you and your family. That is why investing in a filter for bath water is truly essential.

At Multipure, our mission is to protect you from the harmful effects of the many contaminants that can be found in your water.

At the same time, we also want to provide you with drinking water that looks, smells, and tastes better. We want to provide you with shower and bath water that feels cleaner, more refreshing, and more invigorating. With the Aquasplash, we are giving you the means to a better bath, because no one wants a bath that leaves their skin and hair coated with chlorine or other contaminants. With Multipure, and an Aquasplash, it is easier than ever to filter your bathwater and give your family a cleaner experience. For Life. For You. Order your Aquasplash bath water filter today.

Benefits & Features

The benefits and features of the Aquasplash bath water filter include:
  • A More Relaxing Bathing Experience: Multipure’s Aquasplash uses the power of KDF filtration media to reduce the presence of harmful chlorine at the high temperatures of a typical bath, leaving you with a cleaner, more relaxing bathing experience.
  • Filtration Without Installation: The Aquasplash is simple and easy to use because it does not require any installation or attachment to plumbing fixtures. Simply swirl the Aquasplash through the bath water for a few minutes, and enjoy a cleaner, better bath.
  • Easy to Maintain: Multipure’s Aquasplash can be maintained without any special tools or expertise needed. Simply open the Aquasplash bath tub water filter and replace the filter pouch when needed. It is as easy to maintain as it is to operate.

What Is KDF?

KDF is a combination of 50% copper and 50% zinc. It helps with the removal of free chlorine by reversing the electrochemical process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium in a brine solution.

Why Is It Important To Remove Chlorine From Our Bath Tub

When we take a bath with chlorinated water we are essentially exposing our skin to a relatively large volume of a dilute chlorine solution. Chlorine may actually enhance the aging effects of ultraviolet radiation by reinforcing the process of cell deterioration.


Replacement Filter: AQBALL
Capacity: 200 Baths (1 year)
Filter Application: Chlorine, Chloramine
Filter Efficiency: Up to 100% (Chlorine), 25% - 30% (Chloramine)
Filter Media: KDF-55 Formula 73
Size: 4” H x 5” D
Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz.
Operating Temperature Range: 40o F (0oC) to 120o F (38o C)