Multipure congratulates the following Builders for their achievement in building their business and advancing their rank. We applaud your efforts and wish you continued growth and success. In recognition of their advancement and as a sign of our esteem, each of these Builders will receive a Rank Advancement Bonus commensurate with their new level of […]Continue Reading


  September of each year is marked as National Preparedness Month, a month for people across the country to gain a greater awareness and understanding of potential disasters and emergency situations. With the right knowledge and the right preparation, you can protect your home and family from the worst of whatever unforeseen circumstances may come, […]Continue Reading


EPA Releases Data for 2020 Toxics Release Inventory Reporting, Including First Ever Reporting on PFAS The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published preliminary Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data about chemical releases, chemical waste management and pollution prevention activities that took place during 2020 at nearly 21,000 federal and industrial facilities across the country. The […]Continue Reading


For Multipure, Emergency Preparedness means making sure you always have a source of clean drinking water available during disasters and emergencies. Water is essential to survival, and clean water is a top priority when you cannot rely on the healthfulness of your tap water. Given the need for a clean water supply during disasters, the […]Continue Reading


Drinking water is vital for human life. Most people can go for days without food — hunger strikes of up to 40 days are well documented, some prisoners have lasted for up to 73 days without food, and the longest known fast lasted for over a year, though the person in question did take supplements. But water is a […]Continue Reading


September of each year is designated as National Preparedness Month, a month devoted to education and awareness of disasters and emergencies. But what exactly does National Preparedness Month mean? What is its purpose and history? National Preparedness Month was created in 2004 in the United States by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to encourage […]Continue Reading


Over the past month, our articles have focused on the reasons to pay attention to your water quality, how to find out what is in your water, what makes Multipure carbon blocks so effective at water filtration, and why NSF certification is essential to product integrity and trust. For this article, we are going to […]Continue Reading


One of the most important things you can do to ensure the quality of your water is to install a drinking water filtration system in your home. A good drinking water system will not only enhance the taste and smell of your water, but also protect you from a host of potentially harmful contaminants in […]Continue Reading


For over fifty years, Multipure has stood at the forefront of point-of-use drinking water treatment and water filtration technology. At the heart of our industry-leading water filter technology is the development, refinement, and usage of our proprietary solid carbon block filters. But what makes a Multipure carbon block the best choice for water filters? The […]Continue Reading


In our previous article, “Why Water Quality is Important,” we discussed the general importance of water quality as it pertains to your home and family. As a logical follow-up, this article will discuss the importance of finding and understanding the quality of your local water supplies. The fact is, no two regional water supplies will […]Continue Reading