Each year, Multipure recognizes a select group of Builders for their exceptional achievements in the areas of sales and network building. We recognize the following Builders as our 2019 National Award winners for their performance throughout 2018 in their listed categories. Congratulations to each of these super achievers!

  • Builders of the Year
    For exceptional success in all areas of their business: sales, recruiting, and network building.

Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer, OR

Executive National Network Directors Deanna DeLong and David Feinauer have amassed an impressive number of awards and acclaims over their decades-long history as Multipure Builders, and are regular National Award winners. Deanna and David attribute their success to the mantra of “serve, serve, and serve,” and find that freely offering their help and assistance to Builders returns back in positive and sometimes unexpected ways. Deanna and David keep energized and motivated by improving people’s lives through their “Drink Water for Life” campaign; whether providing cleaner water or offering an opportunity for entrepreneurship and success, they find that helping others is simply too enjoyable to ever consider slowing down.

  • Network Builders of the Year
    For growing their network and helping their Builders reach higher levels of success.

Tony and Sylvia Valentin, NV

Referred to fondly as “Mr. and Mrs. Multipure”, Executive National Network Directors Tony and Sylvia Valentin were among the first of all of Multipure’s Builders and the recipients of countless awards over the years. As mentors to scores of Multipure entrepreneurs in almost four decades as Multipure Builders, Tony and Sylvia have consistently led by example and set a high bar for others to reach. Their accomplishment in becoming the first Builders to personally sell 1,000 Drinking Water Systems earned them lasting recognition by Multipure, who named the achievement The Valentin Award. They topped this accomplishment in 2014 by reaching 2,000 personal Drinking Water System sales and becoming only the third recipients of Multipure’s Millennium Award. Tony and Sylvia epitomize success as Multipure Builders, and their love and dedication to Multipure continues to burn brightly.

  • Digital Sales Person of the Year
    For attaining the highest overall online sales in 2018.

Up North Sales, MI

  • Network Sales Team of the Year
    For attaining the highest overall personal sales in 2018.

Carl “Buzz” Thompson and Michelle Brooks, CA

Carl “Buzz” Thompson and Michelle Brooks are Builders whose impressive growth demonstrate their passion and dedication to helping others obtain cleaner water. Buzz draws on a professional background in marketing, while Michelle has a background in finance and accounting. Buzz and Michelle are active in philanthropy, supporting Western Wishes, a non-profit foundation that grants wishes to ill children and teens who lead a western lifestyle, embracing ranch life and open ranges; they also are active supporters of orphaned children in India.

  • Rising Star Award
    For building a thriving Multipure business and for excelling throughout 2018 as a new Builder.

Mariana Sosa, AZ

  • Spirit Awards
    For embracing the Multipure philosophy by sharing their knowledge and experience, displaying a positive attitude, and demonstrating the willingness and ability to mentor others.

Tricia Fortina, CA

A Multipure Master Builder and Founders’ Circle member, Tricia Fortina began her Builder Business seven years ago as a way to help the Earth and offer people a better, healthier choice for clean drinking water than plastic bottled water. She is a firm proponent of the strength and quality of NSF certification, and believes that successful Builders – as representatives of Multipure to the consumer – act professionally in appearance and demeanor, and are absolutely solid on the facts and information they present. A Californian for almost thirty years, Tricia is motivated by her ability to support the Earth while earning an income, and is grateful to be able to share her information with others and work with a company that stands behind its products, its Builders, and its customers.

Tiffany Johnson, FL

One of Multipure’s most dynamic new Builders, Tiffany Johnson is a born and raised Floridian who seized her Multipure business opportunity in September 2018. Growing up in the small town of Satellite Beach, she noticed with alarm the increased incidences of rare cancer diagnoses among her friends and people of the communities in the area, and understood that carcinogens may be present and undetected in everyday aspects of life. Her mother had been introduced to Multipure’s products and opportunity in the late 1980s, and had stressed to Tiffany the importance of clean drinking water to her throughout her life; this strongly influenced her decision to join the Multipure family of Builders in order to make a difference toward the health and happiness of people everywhere. Tiffany believes that a successful Builder requires passion, consistency, and organization, and credits fellow Builder and National Award Winner Heather Kollar for her support, mentorship, and friendship in her burgeoning Builder Business. She keeps energized and motivated by knowing that with Multipure, she is making a difference in safeguarding the water and health of people and families.

Heather Kollar, NY

Hailing from Baldwin, New York, Master Builder Heather Kollar has been a Builder since 2012, but has been actively committed toward her Multipure business primarily within the last several years. She discovered Multipure while researching water solutions alongside her mother, Brenda Toyloy, and is a firm believer in the power of education and local knowledge of community water issues. She is driven by the ability to make a much-needed difference in people’s lives while developing a business in conjunction with such a solid company as Multipure. For Heather, Builder success requires passion for helping people and the environment, commitment toward working the business, and understanding that Multipure is the best solution for cleaner, healthier drinking water.

Ahlem Mayes, CA

Ahlem Mayes is one of Multipure’s most passionate and driven entrepreneurs, who quickly achieved numerous rank advancements and acclaims shortly after joining the Multipure family of Builders. Ahlem is proud to sell products that not only benefit people in their daily lives, but also benefit pets, plants, and crops. As a Multipure Builder, he believes in developing a team of motivated entrepreneurs to help them pursue their dreams and improve the quality of life for their families, friends, and communities.

Brenda Toyloy, NJ

Master Builder Brenda Toyloy first discovered Multipure while researching solutions to the contaminated water in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. Intrigued by Multipure’s recommendations by the Environmental Working Group and Consumer Reports, she attended numerous Multipure events, including Celebrate 30 and Pure Foundation’s efforts at the Roy Maas Youth Alternatives in San Antonio, Texas. With an educational background in Accounting, Business Practice, and Sociology, Brenda is determined to help people obtain the clean water they need, both through Multipure and through community and municipal efforts. She believes successful Builders must be committed, educated, motivated, and disciplined in their pursuit of effective ecopreneurship.