The following Distributors are recognized for their extraordinary achievement in reaching $1,000,000 or more in product sales. It is a rare achievement, and those who reach it have proven their dedication and sales ability.

David Green

David Green, MA

David Green is a National Network Director and Distributor of over 30 years who takes great satisfaction in knowing that every day he helps thousands of families drink healthier water. A longtime resident of Massachusetts, he first encountered Multipure at a health fair, where his desire for a simple and effective solution to clean water beyond the hassle of bottled water drove him toward Multipure’s products and business opportunity. For David, successful Distributors must believe in the products and company, spread the word on Multipure’s benefits to everyone they can, and be persistent and consistent in their efforts.

While he certainly appreciates the recognition afforded his outstanding achievement, for David, the greatest satisfaction as a Distributor is not material, but intrinsic. He describes it as “the feeling we all get when a prospect says yes and we know we have helped their family have healthy drinking water for the rest of their lives. It is the feeling we all get when we sponsor a new Distributor and they get their first check in the mail.” He considers working with Multipure an incomparable experience, whether he is helping install Multipure systems with the Pure Foundation in Flint, Michigan, or being surrounded by inspiring Distributors and Multipure leaders, or just enjoying working with a team that feels like a family.

In addition to achieving $1,000,000 in product sales, David Green is also the first recipient of the McCrossen Award, given to those who have sold 3,000 or more Multipure systems, and named in honor of his mentor, Don McCrossen. Much like his mentor, David serves as an inspiration to many Distributors, for as he says, “When any of us achieves, we all benefit.”

Ron New

Water2Drink – Ron New and Brian Browning

Hailing from Virginia, Network Director Ron New has been a Multipure Distributor for over 30 years. Although he was introduced to Multipure as a customer in 1983 by Distributor Pat Thomas, it took five years before Ron joined the business opportunity, enticed by the prospects of the compensation plan. While he is well aware of Multipure’s superior quality, and of the benefits of drinking healthy water, he also understands the tremendous value of Multipure’s products and the way Multipure’s business opportunity can help support his family; because of this, he feels it is his responsibility to educate everyone about the need to filter their water and the benefits of Multipure.

Under the business name of Water2Drink, Ron and his behind-the-scenes business partner, Brian Browning, have found tremendous success with Multipure; it is through this success and Ron’s decades of experience that they have learned that successful Distributors must possess strong knowledge, belief, and communication ability. Distributors must be knowledgeable about the challenges people face with their water, and about the ways Multipure products address those challenges. Distributors must believe in the power of Multipure’s products, and understand that they are truly helping address real and urgent health concerns. And Distributors must be able to communicate this information effectively, accurately, and frequently in order to build trusted relationships, both with customers and with prospects.

The key to Ron’s – and Water2Drink’s – achievement is his attitude toward the business as a whole. Becoming a Distributor is just the first step. Although the need for clean water is urgent, and the market is growing because of this need, commitment and dedication in time and resources is necessary for true success. He states, “Your only real limit is your own drive to succeed in this business. Success is not easy nor automatic, but it’s not hard either. Focused, consistent efforts are what it will take to attain your personal goals for your Multipure business.”