Congratulations to our 2016 Executive Council and Founders’ Circle!

To qualify as a Founders’ Circle Member, Distributors must be at Master Builder level or above, earned a minimum of $5,000 a year in personal sales, and accumulated a minimum of $1,200 a month in MALV for 9 months of the 2015 calendar year.

To qualify for the Executive Council, Distributors must be qualified as a Founders’ Circle Member for the current year, earned a minimum of one million dollars in network sales, and be at the Network Director achievement level or higher.

Executive Council and Founders’ Circle members are eligible for many benefits including cash bonuses, increased commission on CASH sales, free subscription to the Back Office, free Distributor Websites, discounts on sales material, and more. Visit our website at for a complete list of benefits.

Distributors must re-qualify each year for the Executive Council and Founders’ circle.

  • Carole Allen, FL
  • Ed & Ellen Amerault, CA**
  • Jeff Breakey, ID**
  • Robert Corrie, IA
  • Deanna DeLong & David Feinauer, OR**
  • Diane Dvirnak (Basics for Health), CO**
  • Denise Downey, CA**
  • Patricia (Tricia) Fortina, CA*
  • Barbara Golden, CA**
  • David Green, MA**
  • Joanne Kraft, WA**
  • Karl Kuhn, CA
  • Dustin Long, CA
  • Will & Gemma McCoy, CA**
  • Optimal Health (Greg Jones), CA
  • Ahlem Mayes, CA
  • Morgan & Theresa Shuster (Melicone), CO**
  • Laura Newton, FL**
  • Purenex, NY
  • Carl & Michelle Thompson, FL*
  • Up North Sales (C. Tracey), MI
  • Tony & Sylvia Valentin, NV**
  • WJ Borghoff Plumbing, NV*
  • Water2Drink (Ron New & Brian Browning), VA
  • Richard Wells, AZ**
  • Patti Wilson, FL

*Special congratulations go out to our first time Founders’ Circle Members: Patricia Fortina, Carl and Michelle Thompson. and WJ Borghoff Plumbing.

**Member of the Executive Council