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Water Filter For Under the Sink

Take a look at Multipure’s Aquaversa: it’s powerful, it’s convenient, it’s easy to use, and it’s affordable. No wonder it’s one of the most popular countertop and under sink filtration systems we’ve had to offer. 

Every home deserves clean drinking water, safe for you and safe for your family. For most communities, tap water is disinfected before it goes out to homes and businesses, making it generally safe to use. Unfortunately, there are new contaminants and new dangers discovered in water supplies regularly, waiting to be discovered in your water.

Good thing for everyone that Multipure is here with the best countertop and under sink water filters on the market.

Benefits & Features

The Aquaversa’s features make it more useful and convenient than other countertop or under sink filtration systems on the market. These features include:
  • Better Tasting Water – Ever wonder why tap water sometimes tastes funny? That’s the chlorine, chloramine, or other contaminants in the water. Ever wonder why bottled water sometimes tastes funny? That’s the plastic, or the fact that it may just be bottled tap water. When you drink water that's been filtered by the Aquaversa, you’ll taste the difference – not just with every glass of water, but for the taste of coffee, tea, juice mixes, and whatever other beverages you make with it.
  • Healthier Water – As an NSF-certified water filtration system, the Aquaversa can help protect your family from harmful contaminants in tap water. Many filtered pitchers or under counter water filters don’t do more than improve the taste of the water. With the Aquaversa, your water is protected from a wide range of hazardous compounds and chemicals in your water.
  • Better Cooking – Have you ever seen someone crack open a half dozen bottles of water to cook with? Probably not, because that’s both tedious and expensive. But not a lot of people think about cleaner water for preparing foods or cooking. Cooking with water filtered by the Aquaversa countertop or under sink water filter system means that contaminants are treated before they can affect your food. Aquaversa filtered water is perfect for making pasta, soups, sauces, and any other foods that need water.
  • Versatility to Meet Your Needs – You can have your Aquaversa water filter ready to go almost immediately, installed to fit the needs of your kitchen and your space requirements. If there's no room on the counter, set it up as an under sink filtration system installation. If there’s no room under your sink, install it on the countertop next to the sink. The Aquaversa is designed for flexibility and convenience.
  • Treat Your Pets Right – Don’t buy expensive bottled water for your pets, and don’t risk feeding them potentially contaminated tap water. Fill their bowls right from the Aquaversa filtered water spout, confident that they are getting the same cleaner, healthier water that you are.
  • Save Money – End your relationship with bottled water for good with your Aquaversa installed on the counter or as an under sink filtration system. Ditch the high cost of disposable plastic bottled water, and reduce the burden that plastic bottles have on the environment.

Order your Aquaversa now, and enjoy the benefits of cleaner water for better health and better lives.

System Options

Base System

The base Aquaversa system can be used in-line with other existing hardware (e.g., existing faucet, ice maker, etc.), but includes no additional plumbing hardware. It can utilize compatible below-sink and countertop parts and accessories.

Below-Sink Kit

This installation kit includes a stand-alone chrome faucet and the necessary hardware to attach the system to a cabinet wall below the sink. The system connects to the cold water line with an included Adapta Valve, and the faucet requires a 0.5” hole available in the countertop or sink for installation.

A below-sink Aquaversa is intended for a more permanent installation, although it can be removed and converted for countertop use with the optional countertop kit. The below-sink Aquaversa is designed to mount on the side of the cabinet, but can rest on the floor of the cabinet with an optional acrylic base (MC840).

Countertop Kit

The standard countertop installation kit includes a dual-hose diverter valve and an acrylic base that allows the system to sit on top of the counter next to the sink. The system connects to the sink faucet with the dual-hose diverter valve, outputting filtered water from a spigot on the diverter valve itself. Filtered or unfiltered water can be selected by a push-button on the diverter valve.

Due to the many varieties, styles and sizes of kitchen and bathroom faucets, Multipure cannot guarantee that the countertop kit and adapters will be compatible with your faucet. Please contact Multipure’s Customer Care department for assistance.

Single Hose Diverter Kit

This installation kit includes a single-hose diverter kit and an acrylic base that allows the system to sit on top of the counter next to the sink. The system connects to the sink faucet with the single-hose diverter valve, outputting filtered water from a faucet attached to the top of the system housing. Filtered or unfiltered water can be selected by a push-button on the diverter valve.

Due to the many varieties, styles and sizes of kitchen and bathroom faucets, Multipure cannot guarantee that the countertop kit and adapters will be compatible with your faucet. Please contact Multipure’s Customer Care department for assistance.

Capacity Monitor

Includes a battery-operated capacity monitor that measures the amount of water processed through the drinking water system and reminds you when to change the filter; an included light indicator is located at the base of the faucet and lights up when the filter needs to be changed. NOTE: The Capacity Monitor is recommended for Below-Sink Kits.

NOTE: Both the monitor and light indicator are battery-powered (2 x AA batteries not included); batteries need to be changed each time the filter is changed.


Model: MP750
Replacement Filter: CB6
Filter Capacity: 750 Gallons
Flow Rate: 0.75 gpm
Housing: Stainless Steel
Rubber Items: Silicone
Inlet: 1/8” NPT
Outlet: 1/8” NPT
System Size: 8.5” H x 5.75” D
Weight: 8 lbs
Working Pressure Range: 30 psi (2.1 kg/cm2) to 100 psi (7.0 kg/cm2)
Operating Pressure Range: 30o F (0oC) to 100o F (38o C) cold water use only
Particulate Retention Size: Sub-Micron
Housing Warranty: Lifetime


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  • 5
    aquaversa review

    Posted by joe craparotta on Nov 21st 2023

    great product that will stop me from having to buy water from BJ's... Install was super easy and NO leaks.. can't beat that..

  • 4
    Still the best water filter

    Posted by Ken Fishman on Nov 13th 2023

    Multipure is still the best water filter around. But the units and replacement filters have gotten very, very expensive. MULTIPURE COMMENT: The last time Multipure had a price increase was in 2021 and before that was in 2017. We try to minimize price increases even with the changes in the economy with pricing go up for everything while continuing to improve our solid carbon bock to reduce additional contaminants of health concern over the last 5 years.

  • 5
    Love not like.

    Posted by Jennifer Rockwood on Sep 26th 2023

    Bought this for my son who just bought a house. He had been using a Brita filter for years while renting and moving frequently. As soon as we tasted the filtered water (after flushing the loose carbon of course) we knew it was worth every penny. The bitter, acidic city water tastes smooth and more neutral. I didn't check the pH but that yucky taste is gone. No chlorine taste. So happy with product. The adapter did not fit but I think the plumber putting the original pipes under the sink was a bit "creative". Had to run to hardware store then easy to install.

  • 5

    Posted by Alexandra Ansell on Aug 14th 2023

    I have the predecessor of this unit (over the counter version) for approx. 30 years. It is still going strong! Terrific product which I would never want to be without. Just replace the filter (and accessory parts as needed). It will probably outlive me!

  • 5
    Filter Replacement

    Posted by Michael Joseph on Jun 9th 2023

    Excellent Product

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Connaway on May 29th 2023

    I bought my under the sink unit in 1990. I have considered the most important health discovery & decision in my entire 70 years. I only have to replace the filter insert - no tools needed - once a year. I have installed, removed and reinstalled the unit in six (6) different homes. It is simple to do. The unit itself is now 33 years old and still works great. A lifelong investment in health. I tell folks that if I was to give up all my possessions.... the last one I would give up is my MultiPure Aquaversa unit. P.S. Because the unit is under line pressure I have split the pure outflow water to also feed my ice maker and my sink mounted instahot. This allows me to benefit in three distinct ways.

  • 5
    Aquaversa Filter CB6

    Posted by Donald Culp on Apr 22nd 2023

    I have my original Aquaversa system that I purchased in 1994. Never had a problem. Always provides great water. I love it

  • 5

    Posted by Tracey Tan on Apr 10th 2023

    I’ve purchased two so far. Super easy installation. Excellent water quality.

  • 5
    aqua versa

    Posted by Sheri Bohrer on Apr 5th 2023

    I had to give back the one I had been borrowing for 10 years. There was no question that I was going to buy another filter. After reading all the current water filter reviews, I came back and purchased the same aqua versa filter I had been using because it works great, my water taste great and the unit will last a lifetime (I hope).