A review of the ‘Rethink Reuse’ issue

Through April and the beginning of May, the Water Technology team took advantage of many great opportunities to leave the office and meet readers. We also talked with clients who help us provide our magazine and digital content to our audience. Without their advertisements, we could not bring you this magazine throughout the year, so we are grateful for their support. We also visited manufacturing facilities, including Siemens in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Bell & Gossett outside Chicago. The work they do to produce pumps, valves, controls and other technology helps keep the process industries producing much-needed products.

While at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, the themes of efficiency and equipment reliability continued. We also talked with many people about the increased need to reuse water in industrial processes. This topic is detailed in the May/June issue’s cover series “Rethink Reuse.” With increased regulations and operations in water scarce areas, reuse, once an optional ideal is becoming an essential practice.

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Multipure Commentary:
Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern.