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*Due to circumstances outside of Multipureís control, the Multipure Aquasource is not available for overseas sale or shipment to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

Household Water Filtration System

The Multipure Aquasource* is a whole-house water solution, providing powerful filtration at point-of-entry, and ensuring that every water source in the home delivers cleaner, more healthful water. This system installs in the garage or basement, near the water heater, as a fixed-location filtration element. An array of multiple solid carbon block filters ensures that it reduces the presence of contaminants while maintaining the high water pressure needed to supply all the sinks, baths, and showers in your house.

This CLM versions of the Aquasource provides whole-house treatment of chloramine as well as chlorine in the water.

The set of three (3) filters required for the Aquasource will arrive in a separate shipment (at no additional S&H cost).

*The Multipure Aquasource has not been tested, and make no claims for the reduction of contaminants of health concern.

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