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Having clean, safe water in our homes is crucial. Water refreshes the body and the mind, supporting your skin, kidneys and brain. It keeps you cool on warm days and warm when you're cold. A water filtration system can keep your water cleaner and protect your family. Filtration can reduce contaminants like chemicals, sediments and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to give you healthful hydration.

Here's a closer look at why investing in a home water filter system is an excellent investment.

Why Invest in a Home Water Filter?

A home water filter can benefit you and your family. Here are just a few reasons to consider a home water filtration system:

Improve General Health

Cleaner, safer water can protect you from long-term health problems related to unfiltered water. For instance, unfiltered water can contain microorganisms that contribute to gastrointestinal distress and other ailments. There are also health complications associated with heavy metals and contaminants often found in tap water, such as microplastics, arsenic, lead and "forever" chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS). You can keep your family healthier with a water filter for your home.

Save Money

The average 24-pack of bottled water contains just over 2 gallons and costs up to $5. If four family members each drink two bottles daily, the 24-pack will only last three days, costing you between $600 on water every year. The cost of pre-bottled water can add up quickly. A home water filter system is a one-time investment that can provide long-term savings.

Improve Skin and Hair

Unfiltered water can contain chemicals like chlorine, which is known to pull moisture from the skin. Chlorine can also strip your hair of natural oils, drying and dulling it. Pairing your home drinking water system with a whole house filter that reduces chlorine, chloramine, dirt, and other particulate matter can prevent your bathing water from negatively affecting your hair and skin.

Make Food Taste Better

Tap water can contain metals and other contaminants that affect the taste of your home water and the foods you cook. Investing in a water filter for your home often means better-tasting water and food.

Help the Environment

Consuming bottled water at home means lots of empty plastic bottles, and it takes 450 years for a single plastic bottle to decompose. When you invest in a water filter for your home, you help keep plastic out of landfills to contribute to a cleaner planet.

Types of Home Water Filters

Our home drinking water filter systems come in countertop and under-the-sink versions. We also offer a whole home water filter system, which attaches to the main water line. Using a home water filter is an effective and easy way to ensure your home enjoys a significant reduction in water contaminants.

Aquaperform and Aquaversa can attach to a cabinet wall below the sink or sit on the counter next to your sink with the appropriate installation kit.

  • Below-sink: You can mount the below-sink home water filter on the side of your cabinet or set it on the cabinet's floor. Installing a filter under the sink is generally more permanent, although you can remove it and convert it to countertop use. Our below-sink kit includes a chrome faucet and the hardware needed to attach your system. This option requires adding a 0.5-inch hole in the sink or countertop. 
  • Countertop: With the countertop water filter installation kit, you will get a diverter valve that connects to your sink's faucet. You can then select unfiltered or filtered water with a push button on the bottom of the valve.
  • Whole home: Because the Aquasource installs on your home's main water line, you get cleaner water at every tap and in all your appliances. A licensed plumber should install a whole home filtration system.

All of our water filter options are excellent in reducing contaminants and providing cleaner, safer hydration for your home.

How Long Do Whole Home Water Filters Last?

Our filters last about a year, and our housing comes with a lifetime warranty. Regular maintenance can ensure it lasts as long as possible to provide your family with safe and clean drinking and bathing water. The easiest way to guarantee filtered water in your home is by replacing the filter every six to 12 months or whenever the system reaches its rated capacity.

Additionally, operating our drinking water systems only costs between $0.20 to $0.50 per day. This saves you more money in the long term as you remove the expense of bottled water. It's also better for your health and the environment, making water filtration systems an excellent investment.

Invest in Your Home and Health With Multipure Water Filters

You can install several types of filters in your home to improve the quality of your drinking water. Multipure water filter systems are certified to reduce a range of contaminants so each drink of water tastes clean and refreshing. Experience the benefits of clean water, from cost savings to better-tasting food and sustainability. 

We provide lifetime warranties and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Contact us today with questions about how our products benefit your home water filtration needs.