Why Water Quality Is Important

Why Water Quality Is Important

Posted by admin on Aug 6th 2021

August is Water Quality Month, so, naturally, Multipure’s Spotlight for August 2021 is “Water Quality.” This month, our posts will focus on the importance of water quality, the effects of water contamination, and the ways you can ensure the quality of your water for yourself and your family.

Why is water quality important? Because water, and hydration, is vitally important to our health. On average, about 60% of the human body is made up of water. For the brain and heart – the two most vital organs in the body – that percentage is 73%. For the lungs, the percentage goes up to 83%. The muscles and kidneys are 79% water. Skin is 64% water. Even bones are 31% water. Because of this, proper hydration dictates an average water intake 8 to 11 cups of water daily for women, 13 to 16 cups of water daily for men, and 6 to 8 cups of water daily for children.

Water is essential to virtually every function of our bodies. Proper hydration affects:

  • Blood pressure

  • Mental focus

  • Body temperature

  • Metabolism

  • Joint lubrication

  • Digestion

  • Waste elimination

  • Skin and hair strength and elasticity

Conversely, dehydration has many detrimental effects on health and wellness, including:

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Decreased concentration and motor skills

  • Negative impact on mood and memory retention

  • Muscle fatigue and cramping

  • Dizziness

  • Dry, cracked skin

  • Dry, brittle hair

Given the importance of drinking water and proper hydration, it becomes academic that the quality of drinking water logically follows. Water makes up such a vast amount of the body that any contaminants in drinking water could have profound effects on the body’s functionality. But despite most municipalities treating water supplies before they reach your home, pollutants can still enter the water supply through a variety of means. Some of the more common sources of water pollution and contamination include agricultural runoff, algal blooms, industrial waste, and overflowing sewage.

Because there are several means by which water supplies can become contaminated, it ultimately falls to you to provide a final layer of defense for your home’s water supply. To protect your home and family from potentially harmful contaminants in your water, and to make sure that you always have safe and healthy water available, it is imperative to put some sort of water protections in place. While some consider disposable bottled water as a viable solution, this only accounts for drinking water – few, if any, consider the use of disposable bottled water for washing, preparing, and cooking foods, or for the use in a shower or bath.

How to Protect the Water Quality in Your Home

A point-of-use drinking water filter such as a Multipure drinking water system is an easy and practical solution to ensure the drinking water quality in your home. Multipure drinking water systems are designed to protect the water at your sink from the broadest range of potential drinking water contaminants, ones that can affect the taste, odor, and healthfulness of your water. This not only protects the water you and your family drink, but also the water you would use to wash and prepare fruits and vegetables, and the water you use for cooking.

Some of the contaminants filtered by Multipure drinking water systems include:

  • Aesthetic contaminants: chlorine and chloramine

  • Disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes

  • Metals or metalloids such as lead, mercury, and arsenic

  • Pesticides and herbicides

  • Pharmaceuticals such as estrone, metolachlor, and naproxen

  • Bacteria, viruses, and cysts (requires the Aqualuxe drinking water purifier)

Above and beyond the ability to treat your drinking water, Multipure also offers protection for the water you use in your shower, bath, and garden. While often overlooked in discussions on water quality, your shower, bath, and garden water can have an effect on your skin, hair, plants, and pets. Even without the presence of harmful contaminants, chlorinated water can cause dryness and irritation for skin and hair, and can negatively impact the soil biome for your plant life. Multipure Home Essentials products treat your washing, bathing, and yard water to reduce the presence of chlorine, mitigating these negative effects.

Ultimately, water quality as an issue is important because water itself is important. It is essential to all life. It is essential to our health, to our functionality, and to our comfort. By understanding the importance of water quality, you gain awareness of the need to protect your water and ensure that your home and family has the best quality water available for every facet of their lives.