Podcast: The Water Wake Up Call of Flint, Michigan

Posted by Kenton Jones on Jan 22nd 2016

The water emergency of Flint, Michigan has affected thousands of men, women, and children, exposing them to massive levels of lead contamination among any other potentially dangerous contaminants in the water. And although for these Michigan residents, this was unforeseen on the individual level, at Multipure we know that one of the best ways to prepare for such disasters is to spread knowledge and awareness of water safety and the power of point-of-use water filtration.

Multipure has prepared several resources to help educate people on the situation and impact of Flint, Michigan, both for those affected and for people around the country.

To gain valuable background information about the events in Michigan, please listen to our special podcast here:


Multipure also hosted a podcast discussion about Flint, Michigan, touching on its causes, its effects both locally and nationwide, and the ways people can protect themselves and help others in the wake of such a tragic emergency.

This is a special roundtable podcast regarding the Flint Michigan water crisis. Our Vice President of Marketing, Kenton Jones, along with National Network Director, Deanna Delong, Executive National Network Director Jeff Breakey and National Network Director David Green, will discuss in depth:

What happened?
What is Multipure doing to help?
How can Independent Distributors and Customers help?
What does this crisis mean for the rest of the country?
How can your Distributorship help?

Please join us for this compelling discussion and discover what it means for you.