Multipure’s Aquasource: Whole House Utility

Multipure’s Aquasource: Whole House Utility

Posted by Joel Pelina on Feb 24th 2022

When it comes to home water filtration, most people think of filtered water at the kitchen sink or at the refrigerator. Others may consider water filters for the shower, bathtub, or bathroom sink. Some may think about a garden hose filter for their outdoor needs. But sometimes, the best solution to cleaner water is to think of a whole-house approach instead of a piecemeal approach. Sometimes, the best solution is a product like Multipure’s Aquasource, which offers whole house utility when it comes to general water filtration needs.

Let’s take a look at some common water filtration locations, their requirements, and some solutions:

Kitchen: Cleaner water for drinking, for washing/prepping food, and for cooking. This is typically accomplished through filtered water pitchers, faucet-mount filters, below-sink filters, countertop filters, or refrigerator filters.

  • If the taste, odor, and appearance of the water is the primary concern, then a filtered water pitcher, basic faucet-mount filter, or refrigerator filter offers relatively inexpensive solutions, as these products typically treat chlorine, but not the more harmful contaminants such as lead, asbestos, or PFAS.
  • If more robust contaminant filtration is desired, then a more powerful countertop or below-sink drinking water system is usually the best solution, such as the Aqualuxe, Aquaperform, or Aquaversa.

Shower: Cleaner water to protect your skin and hair in the shower. An in-line shower filter such as the Aquashower can treat the presence of harmful chlorine in your shower water, protecting your lungs from vaporized chlorine, preventing dried-out skin, and preventing color-treated hair from excessive dulling and fading.

Bath: The same concerns as a shower filter apply to a bath filter. To protect against the effects of chlorine on skin and hair in the bathtub, a stand-alone bath filter such as the Aquasplash is a good solution. This is especially true for infants and young children, as they may be more prone to the effects of chlorine on their sensitive skin.

Bathroom Sink: Cleaner water can be offered at the bathroom sink for washing your hands and face, for brushing your teeth, and for drinking. Because the bathroom sink area may be more constrained, a compact, comprehensive water filter such as the Aquamini can provide a great solution, as it has the filtration power of an Aquaversa, at half the size.

Yard and Garden: Chlorine can also negatively impact the healthfulness of the water used on your lawn, organic garden, kiddie pool, or bathing pets. To protect against this, an in-line garden hose filter such as the Aquagrow offers protection against the chlorine from your garden hose.

But, if you notice, there are several rooms and locations in the home that can benefit from cleaner, healthier water, whether for broad-range contamination reduction, or for the treatment of chlorine in the water. Each area and location would require its own water filtration device.

One System, Every Water Outlet

This is where Multipure’s Aquasource demonstrates its utility. By connecting not at the point-of-use (e.g., the kitchen sink, the showerhead, etc.), but instead at the point-of-entry – where the water pipe enters the house – the Aquasource offers chlorine, chloramine, or limescale treatment at every water outlet in the house, from the kitchen to the bathrooms. The Aquasource serves as a powerful household solution to water filtration.

With the Aquasource installed – connected right before the water enters the water heater – you gain less particulate matter in your water heater, and water treated for the presence of chlorine or chloramine at every faucet. You gain healthier water at every shower and bathtub. You gain healthier water when you wash your face and brush your teeth. You gain better water for washing clothes in the laundry. The Aquasource gives better water throughout your home.

Customizable Capability

You may have noticed that chlorine, chloramine, and limescale treatment are all mentioned when it comes to the Aquasource’s capabilities. This is because you determine the Aquasource’s filtration abilities. If your region uses chlorine to disinfect the water, you use chlorine filters in the Aquasource. If your region uses chloramine as a disinfectant, instead, then you use chloramine filters in the Aquasource. If your water has high mineral content and issues with limescale buildup in the plumbing, then you use filters with the optional limescale inhibiting formulation. You determine the Aquasource’s capabilities based on your needs.

Complementary, Not Comprehensive

It’s important to state that the Aquasource is not a broad, comprehensive water filtration device. The sheer volume of water that must be processed while still providing adequate water pressure throughout the home means that the filters simply cannot be as robust as the filters in a Multipure drinking water system. The Aquasource cannot treat the presence of the dozens of contaminants filtered by a dedicated, high-performance drinking water system such as the Aqualuxe or Aquaperform. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The degree of filtration required in the kitchen is not the same as the filtration needed in a shower or bath. The Aquasource serves as a complementary water filtration device, used ideally in conjunction with a dedicated drinking water system at the kitchen sink. In this manner, you get the general chlorine or chloramine filtration beneficial at every water outlet in the house, and the more powerful water filtration necessary to protect the food you eat and the water you drink.

The strength of the Aquasource lies in its ability to offer general water protection everywhere in the house. You get better water in every room, at every faucet, with an Aquasource installed at your home. More utility, and less worry for you and your family.