Multipure as a Partner for Home and Family Health

Multipure as a Partner for Home and Family Health

Posted by admin on Jul 30th 2021

This past month, we have focused on the Multipure Lifestyle, describing the ways that Multipure helps you and your family not just through cleaner water, but also as a step toward healthier overall lives. In this article, we will bring the past few articles all together, to show how meeting your water needs throughout the home, and improving your water and health, is not a finite action, but an ongoing process. By improving your water, and by encouraging you toward a healthier lifestyle, Multipure works to be an invaluable partner for your home and family.

Multipure’s first goal on its mission of cleaner water and better health is to give people the means for better drinking water – clear, refreshing, and free from contaminants. To fulfill this goal, Multipure strives to treat a broad array of contaminants that can negatively affect both the water and those who drink it. Harmful contaminants such as arsenic, lead, PFOA/PFOS (i.e., “forever chemicals”), asbestos, trihalomethanes, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and so much more.

For adults, Multipure means having the best water yourself and your family, offering the perfect source of hydration. For children, it means water that tastes great, free from chemical flavors or odors, and perfect on a hot day. For families, it means healthier, hydrated bodies and minds, without the budgetary hit or environmental waste that comes from plastic bottled water.

But Multipure is so much more than just healthier drinking water. In your shower and bath, Multipure products can treat the presence of chlorine in the water, alleviating the effects chlorine has on your skin and hair. Every shower and bath you take with a Multipure Aquashower or Aquasplash can prevent the dry skin, brittle hair, or irritation caused by chlorinated water. Just as a Multipure drinking water system protects the water you drink on the inside, a Multipure shower or bath filter protects the water you wash with on the outside.

Because at Multipure, we believe that you deserve cleaner water throughout your house, we also offer our Aquagrow yard and garden filter. With a simple in-line connection to your garden hose, we treat the presence of chlorine to protect the water you use for your plants and your pets. This means that the soil your plants grow from, and the biome of life within and around your plants, is safe from the harmful effects of chlorine. This means that the water you use to fill your pets’ bowl and wash your pets’ fur is safe from the harmful effects of chlorine.

This is what we mean by the Multipure Lifestyle – having a clean water solution for every aspect in and around your home, and using that as a stepping stone toward a healthier lifestyle. Why do we say that? Think about this:

  • Cleaner drinking water means healthier drinking water.

  • Better tasting water makes it a more appealing choice for hydration, helping people drink more water and fewer soft drinks or sports drinks, both of which are full of sugar and/or chemicals.

  • Healthier water at your sink also makes the food you wash, prepare, and cook with healthier to eat.

  • Cleaner water in your shower and bath makes it less drying and irritating for people to wash, and especially for people with skin conditions or color-treated hair.

  • Cleaner water from your garden hose makes it easier to grow fruits or vegetables from your garden.

  • Cleaner water from your garden hose makes your pets’ baths healthier, by alleviating the dry and itchy skin and fur that can come from washing in chlorinated water.

This means that embracing a Multipure Lifestyle, and allowing Multipure to be your partner for cleaner, healthier water throughout the house, has a cascading effect of better health for everyone living there. And that is what Multipure is all about – better water for better health and better lives. Drinking cleaner water, becoming properly hydrated, and refreshing your body, mind, and spirit with water that is free from a broad array of harmful contaminants. For Life. For You.