A Water Filter for Every Household

A Water Filter for Every Household

Posted by Joel Pelina on Feb 4th 2022

At the core of Multipure’s line of water filtration products is our desire to improve your water and health, for you and your family. We take pride in the power and efficiency of our solid carbon block filters, and on the durability and versatility of our drinking water systems. Our drinking water systems are designed to fit the needs of everyone’s specific home and lifestyle. Simply put, Multipure has a water filter for every household.

What makes us so confident that our systems can improve your water is the strong foundation they are built upon: the power of our proprietary, industry-leading solid carbon block filters. Carbon block filtration offers the best combination of contaminant treatment, efficiency, and convenience. Multipure’s carbon block filters use a blend of the best, most uniform carbon particles, compressed to maximize their internal filtration surface area, and surrounded by a filter wrap that enhances their filtration performance. And unlike other water treatment options out there, Multipure filtration systems require no external power, no chemical additives, and no delay between filtering the water and having the water available for use.

Understanding the power and utility of Multipure systems and filters is just the first step toward improving your water. Next, you need to determine and prioritize your specific filtration needs. Are there specific contaminants you are concerned about in your water?

  • If you are worried about bacteria, viruses, and live cysts (parasites) in your water, then Multipure’s Aqualuxe is your best choice, offering comprehensive water filtration including NSF-certified treatment of bacteria, viruses, cysts, arsenic-V, forever chemicals (PFOA/PFOS), microcystin, and more.
  • If you are concerned about arsenic-V, forever chemicals (PFOA/PFOS), and microcystin (blue-green algae), but don’t need the extra microbial filtration of an Aqualuxe, then your best choice would be Multipure’s Aquaperform.
  • If you want general filtration that combines power and versatility, but you don’t necessarily need arsenic, PFOA, microcystin, or microbial filtration, then our Aquaversa is a great all-around water filter system.
  • If you want the power of an Aquaversa in a more compact size that can be packed for travel, then the Aquamini would be your system of choice.

Simply put, Multipure has a system to meet your contaminant-reduction needs.

The Aquamini also demonstrates the second criteria you may consider for your drinking water filtration system: physical size and installation location. The Aquamini is powerful, but also small, compact, and portable. It has a very small physical footprint, and can be installed both below the sink and on top of a counter, making it great for kitchens, bathrooms, mobile homes, hotel rooms, and dorm rooms. If a compact size is less of an issue, than the Aquaperform or Aquaversa can work both below the sink, on top of the counter, and in-line with existing appliances. They take up about the same amount of space as a small coffee maker. Finally, if you want the slick, modern look of a next-gen kitchen appliance, then the Aqualuxe offers you filtration in a handsome, eye-catching package, designed to fit in with today’s modern kitchens. Multipure has a system to meet your size and installation needs.

Along with differences in size and capability, cost is a factor differentiating Multipure’s drinking water systems. If you want the absolute best in filtration, and budget is less of a concern, then the Aqualuxe would be a great option. But, if you want powerful filtration capabilities at half the cost of the Aqualuxe, then the Aquaperform may best fit your budget. The Aquaversa costs less than the Aquaperform, and the Aquamini – as befitting its place as the smallest of the systems – is also the least expensive. It’s important to note that – while the initial cost of a Multipure drinking water system will be higher than an average case of bottled water – the ongoing costs are much, much less. Each Multipure system is designed to last a lifetime, and the long-term costs can be as low as 12-cents a gallon, compared to well over a dollar a gallon for some bottled waters. Regardless of your budget, Multipure has a system to meet your needs.

The key to finding the right water filtration system is to understand those three criteria: performance, size, and cost. Figure out what you’re looking for in each category, and then prioritize which of those is the most important for you. With that information, you’ll know exactly how to obtain the best water for your home and family. You’ll know which Multipure filter is right for your household.