Multipure Means a Better Family Budget

Multipure Means a Better Family Budget

Posted by Joel Pelina on Apr 15th 2022

Part of being a responsible adult – and particularly a responsible adult with a family – means setting and maintaining a budget. A family budget will include everything from utilities (gas, electric, water, and Internet), to insurance (home, auto, health, and dental), to school supplies, to work expenses, to groceries. While the monthly water utility bill should, in a perfect world, cover the cost of drinking water, the fact remains that many families end up factoring in the cost of disposable plastic bottled water into their grocery budget. Regardless of whether this is due to issues of taste or water quality, the truth is that plastic bottled water is a vastly inflated expense that may not even serve the purpose of improved quality over tap water. The truth is that the cost-effectiveness of a Multipure drinking water system offers a simple and convenient means to a better family budget.

How Much Is Bottled Water Costing You?

Disposable plastic bottled water is sold in a variety of sizes, from individual 16.9-oz or 20-oz bottles (commonly found in vending machines or single-serve beverage racks), to cases of 8-oz to 12-oz bottles of water, to large 5-gallon jugs of bottled water (often sized for use with a water cooler). Quality of the water notwithstanding, and ignoring more expensive outliers such as specialty or artisanal waters, individual bottles of water tend to be the cheapest for one unit, yet the most expensive on a per-gallon basis, while large jugs tend to be more expensive at the individual level, yet more economical on a per-gallon basis. Cases of bottled water vary, and can be cheaper or more expensive than large jugs of water.

Consider that individual bottles of water typically cost $1.50 (regardless of whether 16.9-oz or 20-oz size). Given this value, and given that 1 gallon is equal to 128 ounces, it would cost anywhere from $9.60 to $11.36 per gallon when purchasing single-use bottles of water.

Large jugs of bottled water (e.g., water cooler jugs) typically cost about $7 for a 5-gallon jug, equal to $1.40 per gallon.

Cases of bottled water can greatly vary in price, depending on the bottle size, number of bottles, and brand. An 80-pack of 8-oz bottles of water can be found for $9.50; at this price, it averages to $1.90 per gallon. At the lowest end in cost, a case of 45 16.9-oz bottles can be found for $4.50; at this price, it averages to $0.76 per gallon. The biggest tradeoff with these cases is the sheer bulk and weight involved in transporting and storing the large mass of bottled water.

Now, let’s consider a Multipure filter. A Multipure Aquaversa filter costs $90, but is rated for 750 gallons of filtered water. That comes out to $0.12 per gallon of water. At the higher end, a Multipure Aqualuxe filter costs $175, and is rated for 500 gallons of microbiologically-purified water; this comes out to $0.35 per gallon of water.

This means that bottled water comes out to 217% to 9466% more expensive than Multipure filtered water.

How Much Does a Properly-Hydrated Family Cost?

For the sake of convenience, let us use the old standard of proper hydration: 8, 8-oz glasses of water a day, or 64-oz of water a day per person. For a family of four, this comes out to 256 oz of drinking water a day, or 2 gallons of water. That can be expanded to 14 gallons of water per week, or 730 gallons of water per year.

  • If this family gets their drinking water from disposable plastic jugs of water (5-gallon size), they would need 146 jugs of water to meet 730 gallons of water for the year. At a cost of $7 per jug, that comes out to $1,022 per year in drinking water costs.
  • If this family gets their drinking water from an 80-pack of 8-oz bottles of water (equal to 5 gallons of water), they would need to purchase 146 cases of bottled water a year. This comes out to $1,387 per year in drinking water costs.
  • If they get their drinking water from individual plastic bottles of water (16.9 oz), they would need 5,529 bottles of water for the year. At a cost of $1.50, this comes out to a whopping $8,294 per year in drinking water costs. That’s equivalent to a significant down-payment on a new car!

Let’s compare this yearly cost to a  Multipure system. One Aquaversa filter provides 750 gallons of filtered water, so one Aquaversa filter would be enough to keep this hypothetical family properly hydrated. That one Aquaversa filter costs $90 for a whole year.

This means that one Aquaversa filter can save this family anywhere from $932 to $8,203 each year in drinking water costs! And on top of this, that Aquaversa filter gives you water that can be used to wash and prepare fruits and vegetables, make coffee and tea, and cook food with. You don’t see anyone cracking open individual bottles of water for washing and cooking food!

Don’t Let the Cost of Water Hinder Your Hydration

What does this all mean? It means that relying on disposable plastic bottled water for your home and family’s drinking water needs is expensive, or outright unfeasible. It means that the high cost of bottled water may be preventing families from getting the proper hydration they need from drinking clean, pure drinking water. It means that plastic bottled water may be an active obstruction to better family health.

Fortunately, as the numbers demonstrate, a Multipure water filter is the better solution to hydration. Multipure water filters offer a clear and remarkably more economical means to drinking water. And, unlike bottled water, Multipure has the  NSF certification to demonstrate that the filtered water has been tested to reduce a broad range of aesthetic, health, and emerging contaminants in drinking water. As a side effect, the clean, delicious taste of Multipure filtered water offers a healthier alternative to sugar-sweetened fruit juices and soft drinks that can be such a detriment to the health of children and families.

Ultimately, the high cost of bottled water and the much more effective and economical cost of Multipure filtered water demonstrates that Multipure means a better family budget. For Life. For You.