Multipure Is an Investment in Family Health

Multipure Is an Investment in Family Health

Posted by Joel Pelina on Apr 11th 2022

Multipure has dedicated over five decades toward the goals of cleaner water, better hydration, and healthier lives. For some, Multipure may be synonymous with carbon block filters and drinking water systems. For others, Multipure represents the filtration business and earning money through entrepreneurship. Despite the immediate benefits of cleaner drinking water, cleaner water in the bath and garden, and better hydration, our customers and Builders should think of Multipure first and foremost as an investment in family health.

Cleaner Water = Better Health

One of Multipure’s most often-spoken tenets is “Taste the Difference.” This means that a Multipure drinking water filter gives you results you can experience right away for yourself. Tap water filtered by Multipure looks clearer, smells cleaner, and tastes crisper and more refreshing than regular water or bottled water. Multipure gives you water as it should be, free from chemicals and contaminants, yet retaining the beneficial minerals that give the water its taste. Yes, water does have a flavor, subtle though it may be; if you’d like to experience this for yourself, drink a glass of Multipure filtered water, then compare it to a glass of distilled water. Distilled water tastes flat and unappealing in contrast, because it lacks any minerals that positively affect the taste of the water.

So how does this lead to better health? Better-tasting water means water becomes a much more attractive option for hydration. By elevating water as a choice for daily hydration, you curb the harmful effects of sugar-laden or chemical-laden soft drinks, energy drinks, or sports drinks. On a hot day, a glass of cold, refreshing water will always be a healthier hydration option than a sickly-sweet can of cola, a glass of sugar-added fruit juice, or a caffeine and compound-heavy energy drink. And when water becomes the beverage of choice, it means you are improving your health by reducing your intake of sugars and other unhealthy drink additives.

Better Hydration = Better Lifestyle

Healthy choices build upon themselves. Better hydration, with clean, healthy water, makes it easier to stay properly hydrated. Modern advice on hydration suggests you drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. For a 160-pound person, that would equal 80-ounces of water a day, or 10 8-ounce glasses of water. For some, that may seem a lot, but remember that with water, you are experiencing pure hydration, unaffected by things like sugar and caffeine that may actually have dehydrating effects.

Because of this, when you make better hydration choices with clean drinking water, you may actually need to drink less often than if you are constantly drinking coffee, sodas, or energy drinks. Caffeine, excessive sugar, and compounds in energy drinks can act as diuretics, causing you to urinate more often, thus losing body hydration. Drinking water means your body can use all of it to hydrate, without having to drink more to compensate for dehydrating effects in the beverage.

Did you know that hunger signals in the brain may actually be caused by dehydration? It’s true – sometimes your brain’s thirst signals can be misinterpreted as hunger, causing snacking or overeating when what your body really needs is more water. Fortunately, when you become accustomed to drinking clean water and remaining properly hydrated, this becomes less of a concern. And knowing this, the next time you feel hungry between meals, try drinking a glass or two of water first, and see how you feel afterward – it might solve your problem before you snack.

Multipure and Family Health

So let’s circle back to the main point of this article – that Multipure is an investment in your family’s health. After the initial purchase, a Multipure system gives you cleaner, healthier water at just pennies a day; where plastic bottled water generally costs dollars per gallon, a Multipure system can cost you as little as 12-cents per gallon. This means that a Multipure system, while more expensive up-front than, say, a case of bottled water, or bottles of juice or soda, pays dividends in better health in the longer term.

When you purchase and install a Multipure system, you are taking the first step in establishing better drinking habits for your family. Better drinking habits lead to better eating habits. Better eating and drinking habits lead to better health and better lifestyles.

It is an investment in family health in that the earlier your family starts to hydrate better, the more powerful the effects become. Children who develop healthier drinking habits at an early age will carry those healthy habits as they age and grow. Children and families that learn to drink water as their beverage of choice will be avoiding many of the harmful effects of excessive sugar in their diets, offering long-term benefits toward their health.

This means that a Multipure system offers long-term benefits of healthier hydration and a healthier lifestyle for years to come, and especially for families with younger children. Invest in health today with a Multipure system, and experience better family health. For Life. For You.