Multipure for Sports, Exercise, and Play

Multipure for Sports, Exercise, and Play

Posted by Joel Pelina on May 18th 2022

When it comes to physical activity, proper hydration is essential to maintaining energy, focus, and muscle performance. While some may turn to juices, soft drinks, or sports drinks, nothing beats the refreshment of water when it comes to proper hydration. When it comes to water, Multipure gives people of all ages the cleanest, healthiest option, perfect for sports, exercise, and play.

Multipure Water for Sports

Bringing clean, refreshing Multipure water with you when you’re playing sports is easy and convenient. Because a Multipure drinking water system connects right at your kitchen sink, filtered water is available at your fingertips.

Here are some tips for parents of children involved in school or recreational sports:

  • Before you take your kids to practice or the game, fill a portable water cooler with Multipure water to bring with you. It’ll not only help your kids stay hydrated, but their teammates, as well.
  • Fill up reusable water bottles with Multipure water, then keep them in an ice cooler to bring with you to the game or practice. Clean, cold water is a healthier choice for hydration than sugar-filled sports drinks, juices, or sodas. Water is pure refreshment, without excessive sugar, calories, caffeine, or other chemical additives.
  • When it’s time for the game or practice, make sure your kids drink some water before they start, then make sure they take regular breaks to rehydrate. Any time your athlete is on the sidelines or on the bench catching their breath, they should be drinking some water.

Multipure Water for Exercise

Whether exercising at home, outdoors, or at the gym, it is imperative that you maintain proper hydration. A reusable water bottle filled with Multipure water is an essential accessory, and should be part of your regular exercise gear such as workout clothes or running shoes.

  • Drink water before and after warm-up exercises, such as stretches or light jogging.
  • Drink water after every 15 to 20 minutes of exercise.
  • Drink water before and after cool-down exercises.

A stainless steel water bottle filled with cold Multipure water is perfect because it is portable, durable, and will keep your water cold for hours. It’s something you can bring with you to the gym or dojo, carry in a sling or backpack, or strap to the frame of your bicycle.

Multipure Water for Play

The simple truth is that Multipure offers exceptional quality water for all your hydration needs. While physical activity demands increased hydration needs, purely recreational activities also benefit from cleaner, healthier water.

  • When you bring your children to the playground, make sure to pack reusable water bottles filled with Multipure water, or a portable water cooler filled with Multipure water. Multipure filtered water is a healthier solution for your children’s hydration, and a better alternative to sugary drinks – or even disposable bottled water – you might find in a park vending machine.
  • For hikers or campers, a hydration backpack is a great way to carry Multipure water with you. Just fill up the water pack from your Multipure system before you go, and you’ll have plenty of water on the trail or for the campsite.
  • Whether you’re going to the beach or the pool on a hot, sunny day, make sure to bring along some Multipure filtered water, either in individual reusable water bottles or in a larger portable water cooler. The hotter the day, the more often you need to hydrate.

How Much Water Do You Lose When Exercising?

  • On average, people lose anywhere from 17 ounces to 50 ounces of water per hour of exercise. This is roughly equal to 1-3 pounds of water.
  • Athletes or those involved in very strenuous exercise tend to lose more, in some cases more than 150 ounces (9.4 pounds) in less than a half hour.
  • Losing 2 percent or more of your body weight in fluid can be harmful to your health. For someone weighing 150 pounds, this would be equal to 3 pounds of fluid, or 48 ounces. For the average person exercising, just one 8-oz glass of water per hour should be enough to keep this fluid loss under 2 percent.
  • The American Council on Exercise suggests that you may need to drink more than the fluid you lost during exercise, up to 24 ounces of water for every 16 ounces of water lost, equivalent to 150%; someone who lost 6 pounds of fluid from exercise should be drinking up to 9 pounds of water – 144 ounces of water, or 18 8-oz glasses of water.

Help Keep Your Friends and Family Hydrated the Right Way

While many of these tips seem obvious, the fact remains that many people – especially children – prefer sweeter, sugar-heavy beverages such as sodas and juices when they’re being active. But whether you’re a parent, another family member, or a friend, you can help by bringing healthier hydration through Multipure water. Show people through your actions and advice how much better clean, delicious Multipure water can be for hydration, and help people taste the difference of Multipure for themselves. Physical activity demands hydration, and Multipure helps you with the best hydration. For Life. For You.