Finding the Best Drinking Water Filter System for Your Home

Finding the Best Drinking Water Filter System for Your Home

Posted by Joel Pelina on Oct 24th 2022

With all the different brands of water filters for drinking water on the market, finding the best home drinking water filter can feel overwhelming. That’s why we want you to think about a few key factors to find the right drinking water filter system to meet your needs.

What Type of Home Do You Live In?

Do you live in a house, condo, or apartment? Do you own or rent your home? Renting your home may limit the type of installation you can use for your home drinking water filter.

If you’re not allowed to modify your home plumbing, you probably can’t use a drinking water filter system that goes under your sink. It just means that the right solution may be a filter that attaches directly to your faucet.

If you own your home, there shouldn’t be any restrictions with your plumbing, so you can choose any type of tap water filtration system. Of course, the drinking water system you choose can depend on how much room you have under the sink or on top of your counter.

What Are Your Local Water Conditions Like?

Where you live can play a major role in determining your home drinking water filter requirements. Different regions get their water from different sources, and each water supply has its own potential contamination issues.

Our advice? Contact your local provider to find out what contaminants are common in your area. You can also test your water yourself to find out which specific contaminants are present in your water supply, either through a home testing kit or by sending a sample of your water to be tested by a certified laboratory.

Potential contaminants in your water tend to be physical (e.g., lead, arsenic, etc.), chemical (e.g, PFAS, trihalomethanes, etc.), or biological (e.g., bacteria, viruses, etc.). While some contaminants may be relatively harmless, others can be hazardous to your health, especially in large concentrations. It's important to know which categories of contaminants you need to protect yourself from in your area and then use this information to help find a drinking water filter that will do the job.

What Is Your Budget?

When it comes to your budget, a home drinking water filter is going to be a better choice than disposable bottled water. A Multipure tap water filtration system is going to give you cleaner water, more conveniently, and at a better long-term price than buying packs of individual bottles of water.

Given that, the cost of drinking water filter systems can vary. If your budget allows it, a whole-house system combined with a top-of-the-line water purifier at your kitchen sink would be an exceptional option for cleaner water throughout your home. If you don’t need all that, Multipure offers filtered water systems for home for every budget. Remember, a drinking water filter system for home is an investment that will serve you for months and years to come with cleaner, healthier water.

Again, though, a drinking water filter system is always going to be a better choice than disposable plastic bottled water. According to the nonprofit group, The Water Project, Americans spend an average of over $100 on bottled water per person every year. A family of four could easily spend over $400 in a single year on bottled water – that's more than the cost of a Multipure Aquamini system plus an additional replacement filter! You could actually save money by replacing your bottled water habit with a Multipure drinking water filter.

You Get What You Pay For

Not all drinking water filtration systems are created equal. A filtered water pitcher is not the same as a cheap drinking water filter, which is not the same as a Multipure drinking water system. The cheapest drinking water filter systems tend to only affect the taste of your water by filtering out the chlorine that’s in the tap water.

Price can be an indicator of quality. All of Multipure’s drinking water systems treat a wide variety of contaminants – not just ones that affect the taste and smell of your water, but the contaminants that make the water unsafe to drink. How can you be sure of this? Look for the certification data. Our products are third-party, independently tested and certified by NSF International for a broad range of drinking water contaminants.

Any company can make claims about their filter's capabilities, but NSF certification is an objective way of ensuring you are getting a filter to meet your needs.

At Multipure, our drinking water systems range from $270 to a little over $1,000. Each option offers its own set of capabilities, but all of them will improve your water. You don't need to wait until you've budgeted a large sum of money to enjoy cleaner, healthier water.

Multipure's line of drinking water filter systems are all designed to enhance the quality of your tap water to make it cleaner, tastier, and healthier for your body and mind. No matter which Multipure system you choose, you'll enjoy better water that enhances your quality of life.