Builder Rank Advancement - July 2023

Posted by Michele Priest on Aug 9th 2023

Congratulations to the Builders below who advanced to a new level of achievement during the month of July 2023.

Executive Builders

Lindsay Chitwood

Kenya Cupps

Annie Davis

Fatimah Dawan

Analis Enea

Roghieh Hadian

Durrell D. Handwerger

Tracie Johnson

Ron Le Vine

Jenny Mannix

Charley Mason

Brandon Meadows

Whitney Morris

Neil Myers

Chris O'Brien

Amanda Reatiga

Shana Samot

Brooke Wylie

Senior Builders

Michelle Meisner

Ingrid Solberg

Master Builders

Minerva Barreto

E C Gaffney Jr

Deavin Hoppas

Tracey Lee

Micquela Scatena