A Message From Co- Founder & CEO, Alvin E. Rice

A Message From Co- Founder & CEO, Alvin E. Rice

Posted by Alvin Rice on Nov 14th 2022

I am sure that most of you have read or have seen the articles and notifications about the water contamination in Camp Lejeune. We’re seeing a lot of press on this because thousands of people working or living there have possibly been exposed to cancer causing substances such as TCE and PCE in their water. For the people who have been affected by this contamination, my heart goes out to them. It is terrible when people become ill and even die as result of contaminated drinking water, that we are led to believe is clean.

Everyone expects that the water they are receiving from their city is safe and clean. We take the safety of our drinking water for granted. We now know that it is not enough to rely on the municipalities to safeguard the quality of our drinking water. Even on a military base, many contaminants can enter the water after centralized treatment. In fact, some cancer-causing substances are created by the water treatment process itself. Municipalities use chlorine or chloramine disinfect the water. This is very important and necessary to protect us from bacteria and viruses that can be in the water. However, the chlorine can react with organic matter in the water and create THM’s, which are cancer causing substances that are harmful to your health.

Multipure is known for its ability to reduce many cancer-causing substances like TCE, PCE and THMs, as well as many other contaminants found in drinking water. To avoid the risk of becoming a victim, like the people in Camp Lejeune, it would be wise to have an effective and NSF certified drinking water system.

As a Multipure Builder, you have made the decision to help the people have the best quality of drinking water and I commend you on making a difference in the lives of others. Keep up the good work! Share your knowledge with everyone you know so that they too can have safer and better tasting water.


Alvin Rice
Co-Founder and CEO