A Message from Our Co-Founder: July 2022

A Message from Our Co-Founder: July 2022

Posted by Kenton Jones on Jul 11th 2022

I just had the honor of having lunch with Tony and Sylvia Valentin, who were celebrating their 40th anniversary as Multipure Builders. Tony and Sylvia have been an inspiration to so many Builders for the last forty years, and they are just as excited for the business today as they were when they started in 1982. While much has changed over the years, the heart of the business remains the same – helping people with clean water and the opportunity for success.

Even throughout the COVID era, the Valentins’ business has continued to grow, and they have had more sales than ever. In fact, bottled water users have been an important source of new customers. People are tired of lugging bottles from the store, and tired of worrying that there may be a shortage of bottled water. Multipure has proven to be a much better, much more reliable way to get clean, delicious drinking water. As suppliers of an essential product, Tony and Sylvia have never had to worry about being out of work. Their income during COVID has been not just secure, but has actually increased.

Multipure has changed the lives of the Valentins and the lives of thousands of other people. Tony and Sylvia look forward to the day things return to normal, and they look forward to once again attending Multipure opportunity meetings and sharing Multipure’s business and products with others.

It was such a pleasure to spend time with them and hear how Multipure has impacted their lives. I am extremely grateful for the commitment and dedication of Tony and Sylvia and the many other dedicated Multipure Builders. I would love to hear from other Builders on how COVID has impacted your lives and affected your own Multipure businesses.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Remember that your success is in your hands, and all it takes is to TALK TO PEOPLE, TALK TO PEOPLE, TALK TO PEOPLE (which has not changed in 50 years)!

Stay well and stay safe.


Alvin Rice