A Message From Alvin Rice: January 2023

A Message From Alvin Rice: January 2023

Posted by Alvin Rice - Co-Founder & CEO on Jan 18th 2023

Welcome to 2023! 

This is a year of great opportunity for all MultiPure builders. The definition of opportunity is, “A favorable set of circumstances that can lead to success!” The ongoing concern about the quality of our drinking water continues to present a tremendous opportunity for all our builders. Opportunity to help others get the cleanest water possible as well as earn additional income with our business opportunity.

Multipure has been an industry leader for over 52 years. Our state of the art, NSF certified drinking water systems have helped millions of people get the best quality water, and many more people still need our help. According to numerous national publications, more and more contaminants such as microplastics, PFAS (Forever Chemicals), and Arsenic are being found all around us. They have become part of our water cycle so much so that researchers have found plastics in rainwater, lakes, rivers, oceans and even in the food we eat.

At the beginning of each year people all around the world are concentrating on getting healthier. A key part of good health is good hydration. A 25-year study found that adults who are not sufficiently hydrated may age faster, face a higher risk of chronic diseases and be more likely to die younger than those who stay well hydrated (National Institutes of Health). If you are going to stay hydrated it is extremely important that the quality of water that you drink is suited for the purpose of protecting your health. Drinking bottled water that is bad for our environment and contains microplastics is not the answer. Drinking tap water that contains unknown substances and chlorine by products is not the answer. Drinking water from water filters that are not NSF certified, is not the answer. The best and only answer to providing truly better and safer drinking water is MULTIPURE!

The circumstances could not be better for you to have great success and grow your business. Now is your opportunity to make a difference! Make 2023 a year to remember. Your future is in your hands, have a great Year.

Wishing you the greatest of SUCCESS!