A Marketing Minute from Multipure: May 2022

A Marketing Minute from Multipure: May 2022

Posted by Kenton Jones on May 13th 2022

We’re almost at the halfway point of the year, and May typically signifies the end of the school year for some kids, the unofficial start of family vacation season, and the beginning turn toward the heat of the summer. May is also time for our quarterly Opportunity Meeting this Tuesday, May 17th, at 3 p.m. Pacific Time. Check out details below to find out how to join this online meeting.

As people start to head out to the pool, the beach, the park, or other warm outdoor spots, remember to let your customers, your friends, and your family know about the importance of hydration, and the importance of clean, healthy drinking water as the best choice for hydration. When you hydrate with clean drinking water, you’re not getting all the added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and chemical additives included in juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks. Better yet, let people know how much cleaner the water is from a Multipure water filter compared to bottled water (for one, Multipure filters microplastics from the water, unlike plastic bottles that add microplastics to the water), as well as how much more affordable Multipure filtered water is on the budget ($0.12 per gallon, as opposed to $0.76 to $11.36 per gallon for bottled water).

When you remind people of how great their water can be with a Multipure water filter, make sure to mention our ongoing Free and Clean promotion, which runs through June 30, 2022. What better way to complement healthy and refreshing Multipure drinking water than with a free Aquashower providing better quality water in the shower?

We have a couple updates on the business side of things. First, our refreshed website offers customers a few additional payment options when they place their orders through our site. Customers can still pay by inputting their credit card info, but now they can also pay for their orders with PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. It’s a bit of extra flexibility that lets customers pay for their orders with the method they’re most comfortable with.

Finally, we’re working on some updates and tweaks to our Builder Starter Kits. Our first, and only current update, is that physical Order Forms are no longer included with the Starter Kits. This not only reduces the paper usage and physical footprint of our Starter Kits, but also reflects the current trend and focus toward online sales and discounts.

I hope you all keep working hard on improving your business and your health, and remember to stay hydrated with Multipure. For Life. For You.

Dedicated to Your Success.

Kenton Jones
Vice President of Marketing