A Marketing Minute from Multipure: June 2022

A Marketing Minute from Multipure: June 2022

Posted by Kenton Jones on Jun 13th 2022

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2022? For most of us, June is the start of the hot and sunny summer months, and here in Vegas we’re already seeing triple-digit temperatures! No matter how hot it is where you are, I hope you’re all staying cool, hydrated, and refreshed with Multipure water.

I hope you’ve all explored our revamped Multipure.com by now and, more importantly, registered for an account on there. We’ve spent a lot of time and resources making sure our website experience makes it equally intuitive to find information and shop for our products; by signing in with your registered account, it becomes even more convenient. Your account not only helps you keep track of your past orders, but also lets you save products to your Wishlist, store payment methods, and save shipping addresses – making the ordering process go much more smoothly.

June is also the last month of our Free and Clean promotion, so take advantage of a free Aquashower for your customers before this promotion ends. Your customers not only get terrific drinking water and cleaner shower water, but they also learn that Multipure means better water not just for the kitchen sink, but throughout the house.

As I mentioned before, we’re already experiencing triple-digit heat here in Vegas, and other regions of the country are also experiencing scorching temperatures. In addition to the heat, the Western U.S. in general is experiencing some serious drought conditions. As such, this month, our article spotlight will focus on “water conservation” and ways to use water more efficiently. It’s important to not just get cleaner, healthier water, but also to use it in a responsible manner.

Finally, let’s all wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the great, hardworking fathers out there, doing what they can for their home and family. After a hard day of yard work in the hot summer sun, what better way to keep fathers refreshed than a cold glass of Multipure water?

Keep talking to people, keep spreading the word of cleaner water and better health through Multipure, and stay healthy and hydrated. For Life. For You.

Dedicated to Your Success.

Kenton Jones
Vice President of Marketing