A Marketing Minute from Multipure: April 2022

A Marketing Minute from Multipure: April 2022

Posted by Kenton Jones on Apr 13th 2022

It’s April already, and we’re a quarter of the way through the year! I hope you’ve all been working toward your goals and keeping your business momentum going.

We have a few new things happening this month, the first of which is our brand new Multipure.com website! We’ve worked hard on updating and refreshing our site to make it more exciting, more intuitive, and more accessible for customers, Builders, and prospects. We invite you to check it out and let your customers know about the new Multipure.com. One of the nicer new features on the site is that new promotions will automatically show up on their relevant product pages; for example, if you’re looking at the Aquaversa page, the “Free and Clean” free Aquashower promotion will show up there, since you can request a free Aquashower with the purchase of any Multipure drinking water system. Which means you don’t have to memorize promo codes when you order online.

Speaking of which, our Free and Clean promotion starts this month – April 1, 2022 – and runs through June 30, 2022. Any time a customer purchases a new Multipure drinking water system (Aqualuxe, Aquaperform, Aquaversa, and Aquamini) or Aquasource, they can request a free Aquashower shower filter. That’s a $50 value, and all the customer needs to do is pay the $11 shipping fee on the Aquashower.

This month, we’ve also switched our capacity monitor for below-sink stainless-steel drinking water systems. The new model (SKU# MC284ASBL) is the same price as the old one, at $35, but not only sports an easy-to-read LCD screen, but can also be programmed to work with any of our stainless steel systems – including the Aquamini. It’s a great and convenient add-on to any below-sink configuration.

Finally, April 22 of each year marks Earth Day, a day to think about and spread awareness of our planet and environmental issues. This is a good month to remind your customers that a Multipure drinking water system not only provides cleaner water for healthier lives, but also serves as a much more environmentally-friendly solution than wasteful, harmful disposable plastic bottled water. Unlike a plastic bottle that can take up to 400 years to break down, a Multipure carbon block filter not only naturally biodegrades, but may also continue to treat surrounding contaminants even in a landfill.

I hope you all have a great and successful April, and continue to help others – and the environment – with Multipure.

Dedicated to Your Success.

Kenton Jones
Vice President of Marketing