SAVE 15% On Your Next Replacement Filter

When you sign up for the Filter Subscription Program you can save 15% on your replacement filter. This is a flexible program that allows you to control when your next filter is shipped (6, 12 or 18 months). You can change the address of shipment, frequency, payment method, or even easily cancel out of the program. You even receive notice before the filter is shipped. No surprises, just great savings.

Go to our Replacement Filters section on our website and choose your filter to get started.

Manage Subscriptions

To manage subscriptions, please log into your online customer account:

Click on the ‘My Subscriptions” tab to see your subscriptions.

Click on Manage Subscription and under Actions you can do the following:

  • Skip Next Shipment
  • Change Frequency (frequency interval and billing)
  • Change Shipping Address
  • Change Payment Info*
  • Pause Subscription
  • Cancel Subscription

*Note: To update credit card information:

If you need to change the current credit card for a subscription and don’t have the updated credit card under Payment Methods, you will need to go to the Payment Methods tab first

  • Enter new credit card
  • Then go to My Subscriptions and select the subscription you want to update
  • Under Actions select Change Payment Info and then select the correct credit card to use
  • Once you select the new credit card, you can then delete an outdated credit card under the Payment Methods tab if needed

Subscription Rebills

10 days prior to sending out subscription order, a subscription email reminder will be sent out. If any changes/updates need to be made, please log into your online customer account and Click on the ‘My Subscriptions” before we process the subscription rebill order. An email will be sent out if subscription rebill was processed successfully or declined.

Note: emails will be coming from:, please make sure to whitelist this email to ensure you get the emails