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Multipure’s Web packages provide you with a personal Multipure-branded web page to promote yourself, your products, and your business opportunity to customers. It allows you to provide customers with access to a version of the corporate website and store automatically associated with your Builder ID#, ensuring that you are properly credited for any purchases.

The Basic Web package with Email is available to Builders at all levels who are in good standing.

Initial Fee: $70.00
  • 6 months of service
  • Personal Multipure email address (e.g.,
  • Personal web page featuring:
    - The Multipure logo
    - Your name and address information

    - Your Builder ID#
    - Links to the official corporate website

Renewal Fee: $50.00
  • 6 months of additional service (after the previous 6-month service period)

Note: Web page setup can take up to 5 business days to complete

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