Multipure’s Aqualuxe: A Complete Solution for Healthier Water

Multipure’s Aqualuxe: A Complete Solution for Healthier Water

Posted by Joel Pelina on Feb 28th 2022

Finding the right drinking water filtration system can sometimes be a tricky thing. Water filter options on the market vary in type (pitcher, faucet-mount, or plumbed-in), size, location (countertop or below-sink), filtration materials (loose granular carbon, solid carbon block, RO membrane, etc.), and – most importantly – filtration capabilities. While some drinking water systems can treat some contaminants, when you need a complete solution for healthier water, your choice becomes much simpler – you need Multipure’s Aqualuxe drinking water purifier.

Types of Contaminants in Drinking Water

When it comes to drinking water treatment, there are a few specific contaminant categories addressed by different products on the market.

  • Aesthetic Contaminants: These affect the taste, odor, and appearance of the water. Examples include chlorine, chloramine, and sediment (e.g., dust or dirt).

  • Health Contaminants: These can cause you physical harm if ingested in your drinking water, and their effects can vary greatly – some may cause mild irritation, many cause gastrointestinal distress, and some of the more severe contaminants can cause brain damage, cancer, and even death. For example, arsenic, mercury, lead, and haloacetic acids are among the most dangerous of drinking water contaminants.
  • Emerging Compounds and Incidental Contaminants: These are contaminants that have been more recently discovered in drinking water, but whose long-term effects on health have not been studied enough to make a solid determination and categorization. Contaminants in this category include NSAIDs like naproxen and acetaminophen, hormone supplements such as estrone, and pest repellents such as DEET.
  • Microbiological Contaminants: This category includes harmful microbiological contaminants – in other words, bacteria, viruses, and live cysts (parasites). Microbial contaminants are almost always harmful to your health when ingested in drinking water.

Limitations of Some Drinking Water Filter Solutions

Because there are different categories of contaminants, with many different specific contaminants covered under each one, most drinking water filters do not offer protection from all of them, or even the majority of them.

  • Filtered water pitchers and many small faucet-mount filters use loose carbon granules to filter chlorine and large particulates out of the water, but do very little to treat anything beyond aesthetic contaminants.
  • Many of the more-capable drinking water filters only treat certain types of health contaminants – like lead or mercury – but may not treat other contaminants such as arsenic, forever chemicals (PFAs), pharmaceuticals, or microbial contaminants.
  • Some systems that can treat a broad variety of contaminants work too slowly to use on-demand, and require a filtered water reservoir to hold limited quantities of clean water at a time. Examples of these types of systems include ceramic filtration systems and RO (reverse osmosis) systems. RO systems also waste from one to three gallons of water for every gallon of filtered water produced.
  • Some systems that treat microbial contaminants require power, and ONLY treat microbial contaminants, thus requiring adding an additional water filter option to treat other types of contaminants. This is common with UV water purifiers that only remove bacteria or viruses in water.
  • Some systems that treat a broad range of contaminants – including microbial contaminants – require the addition of chemical additives to the filter, such as silver, which may be detrimental as it involves adding additional potential contaminants to the water.

Comprehensive Water Treatment with the Aqualuxe

This is where the Aqualuxe demonstrates its broad and powerful capabilities. The Aqualuxe uses a combination of Multipure’s solid carbon block technology and Multipure’s proprietary PureBlock™ microbial filter technology to offer comprehensive drinking water purification. This means that the Aqualuxe treats your drinking water for:

  • Aesthetic contaminants, including chlorine, chloramine, and particulates
  • Health contaminants, including arsenic-V, lead, mercury, disinfection byproducts, forever chemicals, and microcystin
  • Emerging compounds and incidental contaminants, including NSAIDs, artificial hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and heart medications
  • Microbiological contaminants, including 99.9999% bacteria removal, 99.99% virus removal, and 99.9% live cyst removal

And the Aqualuxe does this without the need for additional power, without chemical additives, without wasting water, and without a filtered water reservoir. The Aqualuxe offers water purification in real-time: on-demand pure water, whenever you need it. Because of this, the Aqualuxe can even be used in emergency situations, providing purified water with the use of a hand pump/siphon to establish the water pressure needed in situations where there is no water pressure in your plumbing.

NSF-Certified Performance

The Aqualuxe is a remarkably capable water filtration solution, whose performance capability is backed up with third-party testing and certification by NSF. This means that the water filtration claims made by the Aqualuxe have been demonstrated and proven – not just by Multipure – but by a global, leading independent product certification authority.

What this means is that when you want a complete drinking water solution for your home that is wide-ranging in capability, high performance, and trustworthy, then Multipure’s Aqualuxe is your best option. The Aqualuxe means comprehensive protection for your drinking water, your health, and your family. For Life. For You.