H. Allen Rice

Founder • 1937-2015

The founder of Multipure, H. Allen Rice, built the company from the ground up in 1970, starting from a concept and a brilliant idea, and developing it with his brother, Alvin. H. Allen and Alvin developed Multipure's signature solid carbon block filter in 1975, and over the years guided the company from a 2-person operation to a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality drinking water systems and the provider of a life-changing Business Opportunity. H. Allen's work experiences demonstrate his innovative nature - after serving as an Air Force Airman, he recognized a need for better family swim training, and developed a swim school for soldiers' children, working as both an athletic director and swim instructor. Later on, he conceptualized a newer, more consumer-oriented photography business. Eventually, recognizing a need for better quality drinking water, he founded Multipure, developed his revolutionary solid carbon block filter, and created the Business Opportunity as a way to reach more customers while offering people the chance to improve their lives.


H. Allen sums up Multipure in one word: "Opportunity." Multipure represents the opportunity for better water, the opportunity for a healthier life, and the opportunity for financial success. Multipure is a business dedicated to helping others improve their lives and succeed; his goal is for Multipure to continue growing and evolving, to reach more people, improve more lives, and attain new levels of success for the company and for its entire family of Builders.


H. Allen credits his success and his accomplishments with his desire to help others. He learned his work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit as a child of very humble means growing up in North Carolina, always searching for opportunities to earn money, and working hard for every dollar earned. As an Airman at Brooks Air Force Base, he helped build a swim school for children, and in the process learned the power of duplication - of training others to duplicate your skill and effort as a means to increase your business. H. Allen believes that everyone encounters certain turning points - "magic moments" - that can shape and define the course of one's life; the key to success is in recognizing these moments and seizing the opportunities they present. H. Allen describes his philosophy for life with the words of Ronald Reagan - "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."


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