Multipure's Aquaperform Drinking Water System features not just Multipure's Solid Carbon Block technology but also includes a specially-developed arsenic-adsorptive media that provides for the reduction of Arsenic V. The Aquaperform features a stainless steel housing and is designed for both versatility and additional contaminant reduction performance.


The Aquaperform is NSF-certified to treat contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Standard 42), contaminants of Health Concern (Std. 53) – including Arsenic V).

System Options:

Countertop Kit

This model connects to your existing faucet with
a dual-hose diverter valve.

Below-The-Sink Kit With Faucet

This model includes a standalone chrome faucet and a below sink installation kit.


Capacity Monitor Kit

Increases filter capacity to 960 gallons. NOTE: The Capacity Monitor Kit must be installed with a Below-Sink Kit (AQKITB). Both the monitor and light indicator are battery-powered (2 x AA batteries not included); batteries need to be changed each time the filter is changed.

SKU: MP880

Multipure Faucet
Aquaperform Diverter Valve

Aquaperform Replacement Filter

This solid carbon block filter is used with the Aquaperform filter unit. In addition to reducing/eliminating the wide range of contaminants screened by standard Multipure filters, this filter also reduces the presence of Arsenic.


Filter Capacity: 600 gallons