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Multipure’s line of Aquabrites Drinking Water Systems builds off of the Aquamini Compact Travel System to offer a colorful, customizable introduction to cleaner drinking water for children. This stainless steel Aquabrite housing comes in white and includes a sheet of decals to create a custom face for the system. Commissioned by Multipure’s Pure Foundation, $50 of each sale of an Aquabrite will be donated to the Pure Foundation to help children and the needy obtain cleaner, more healthful water.

Aquabrites are NSF-certified to treat contaminants of Health Concern (Std. 53), contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Std. 42), and Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants (Std. 401).

Compatible Replacement Filter: CBMINI

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Aquabrite - White(Out Of Stock)

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