Natural disasters and other emergencies can greatly impact your water supply and the quality of your water. When water treatment plants or municipal infrastructure is damaged or contaminated by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or other such events, you cannot be sure that your tap water will be available or safe to drink.

That is why Multipure urges our customers to get a Water Emergency Treatment System (WET System) to have on hand, to ensure that you can access water that is safer and healthier to drink during such unforeseen circumstances.

Multipure’s WET System includes solid carbon block emergency filters, a sediment pre-filter wrap, water purifier tablets, a collapsible bucket, a plastic tube with valve, and a threaded filter connector. With these materials, you can purify and filter most available sources of water to make it safe to drink.

The WET System is easy to set up and use. You can fill the WET System bucket from the water in a pool, pond, bathtub, or even the upper water tank of a toilet. You would then use the water purifier tablets to treat the water for bacteria, viruses, and other microbial contaminants. After that, you would wrap the sediment pre-filter around one of the carbon block emergency filters, connect the filter connector and tubing to the filter, and submerge the wrapped filter into the bucket of water. The pre-filter will screen out any larger particles in the water like dirt, while the carbon block filter will use a combination of mechanical filtration and adsorption to treat the presence of inorganic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, and other harmful contaminants in the water. You are then left with cleaner, filtered water that can be drawn through the tube (typically be siphoning action or by gravity).

Because of its functionality when there is little to no water pressure, or when the source water quality is questionable, Multipure’s WET System is an essential item for emergency situations, and a handy item to use for activities like camping in the wild.

Purchase your own WET System and ensure the quality of your water during emergencies.