A Blessing Greater Than I Ever Could Imagine

In the early summer of 2012, I stood in the Atlantic Ocean at Jones Beach and asked God, “What is my purpose Lord?” After fifteen plus years of climbing the corporate ladder (pretty high I might add), I felt a disturbing sense of unfulfillment. I had taken the highest roads – education, training, mentorship, development – and yet still, I felt empty inside.

Immediately after asking “What is my purpose?” God whispered back ever so clearly “To Return The Water.” Complete fulfillment poured over me as I grasped how magnificent a feat it would be to return the water back to its life giving, pure state. I’ve been a mermaid my entire life and love the water with my entire being. As I looked out at the horizon, where the sea met the sky, I felt and saw the immense pollution. It was like the sea called out “help me.” Almost immediately following, a sense of defeat weighed me down as I thought… how in the world am I going to fulfill this mission?

A few weeks later, my mother, Brenda Toyloy, called me relentlessly, telling me about Multipure and how I had to get a water system. She had recently traveled to both the San Antonio Pure Foundation Mission at Roy Mas and the Multipure 2012 Convention in Las Vegas. Like most people, I knew something was wrong with our water, but I was okay using bottled water. But she persisted. And persisted.

In mid-August I decided to enroll as a Builder, just for the sake of appeasing her. I had completely forgotten about my “purpose” moment with God. I had the system installed and began enjoying the convenience and cost savings of Multipure immediately.

Two months later, on October 22, 2012, Super Storm Sandy hit and everything changed. The water coming out of my faucets was absolutely disgusting. The stench sickened me. I finally saw how critical water filtration is and purchased my Aquaperform.

Ever since then I’ve been sharing my story and empowering people to choose Multipure. I am blessed to have worked with individuals, schools, businesses and everyone else who cares to learn the truth about water and the great difference Multipure makes.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2017, at a Tony Robbins event where we were practicing gratitude exercises, that I landed on that memory of me standing in the sea at Jones Beach, asking God to deliver my purpose. I couldn’t believe that I had actually stepped into the work and the mission of “Returning the Water” for five years. My faith in the work I do with Multipure was eternally cemented and I finally understood “how” it could happen.

During this global pandemic my gratitude for Multipure has grown as more and more people understand how critical clean water is to maintaining optimal health. Working from home is our modus operandi, so I find we are ahead of the “adjustment” curve. We’re able to grow and help people find a way by earning great part-time income. I fully believe the best is yet to come.


XOXO Sherry (Multipure’s Director of Builder Relations), you will be missed.