Kenton Jones, VP of MarketingJuly, and the middle of the summer, is an interesting time of year. It is the start of the second half of the year, that lull between school years, and a time where people tend to think more of relaxation and vacation than obligations and plans for the future.

Because this is a time of vacations and family outings, and because this is a time of oppressive sun and heat, Multipure and the importance of hydration should remain at the forefront of your minds and the minds of your customers. Last month – the beginning of summer! – saw much of the western states scorched by weeks of triple-digit heat. That kind of heat may become even more common as the summer progresses. You have a responsibility to help people stay safe and healthy through proper hydration and healthier lifestyles.

Our July Spotlight will focus on this; “Multipure Lifestyle” will touch on the ways Multipure’s products and message improve people’s water throughout the home to encourage healthier habits and better lives for families.

To better demonstrate how Multipure can improve people’s water and lives beyond just the kitchen sink, we have extended our Clean and Healthy Promotion through the end of August. When you improve people’s drinking water, and then allow them to improve the water in their bath or shower with a free Aquasplash or Aquashower, you are showing that better water can extend to multiple aspects of their lives. You are showing people that they should expect cleaner, healthier water as a part of their everyday lives, through Multipure. For Life. For You.

I’d also like to remind those of you who haven’t yet to make sure to register for your free online discount code to give your customers 5% off of purchases made through our website. Registering for your unique online discount code is as simple as filling out and submitting the form at It’s a terrific tool combined with free continental U.S. shipping and our current Aquashower/Aquasplash promotion to help your customers make their purchasing decision.

Finally, I hope you all had a safe and happy Fourth of July, and I hope you remembered to wash down your delicious barbecued foods with a clean and refreshing glass of Multipure water. Regardless of the occasion, though, a glass of Multipure water is the best way to hydrate.

Dedicated to Your Success.

Kenton Jones
Vice President of Marketing