For new Builders, learning how to establish and expand their business are the first steps toward success. For established Builders, learning how to increase their achievement level and maintain momentum is the next goal. The Builders at the very top understand that success comes from continual effort and improvement, that learning and training never truly ends. In this article, we will discuss ways for Builders to maximize their training opportunities.

For new Builders, Multipure’s Getting Started guide is your best step to quickly figure out what to do after you have registered as a Builder. It helps ease you into business by providing a quick overview of the many Builder Resources available on the Multipure website.

Once you get an overview of what is available, new Builders should follow up by reading the New Builder Primer, our step-by-step introduction to the business of Multipure.

Builder Resources

These two guides rightfully stress the importance of the Builder Resources section of our website, because it is the main repository of useful tools and references for every Builder. The conveniently listed Training section of Builder Resources links to our multimedia training tools:

  • Virtual Training is our library of training videos and link to Multipure’s YouTube channel. Included here is information on products, contaminants, compensation plan, order processing, technology, social media, and more.
  • Multipure Podcasts cover a wide variety of discussion topics including news commentary, products, technology, business, special events, interviews, and much more. On these podcasts, you’ll hear from Multipure executives, marketing team members, Builders, customers, and special guests, giving you a broad range of interesting and engaging viewpoints.

When you need to quickly check for the latest updates from HQ, the best section in Builder Resources is News, Tour, Promotions, & Contests. Here, you can catch up on the latest news, opportunity tour meetings, product promotions, and special Builder contests that may be happening.

The Products section of Builder Resources is very useful for quickly referencing product tech specs, performance data, or certification information, but isn’t really a training tool. For product training, a better resource would be the Products section of our website, where you can gain a general overview of all of our drinking water systems, home essentials, and carbon block filters. Once you have a better general understanding of our products, follow up by with more detailed and specific training by reading through the Science & Technology section of our website. By gaining a deeper understanding of the technology behind our industry-leading filters and the dangers of the many contaminants our products treat, you become much more capable of explaining to customers the necessity of drinking water treatment systems in the home.

Multipure Blog

The regular sections of our website are supplemented by our Purely Social Blog, through which we regularly publish articles pertaining to news, products, business, training, and more.

  • Product articles range from product updates, discussions of our products’ ability to help homes and families, comparisons with other water filtration products and technologies, and interesting facts and figures about our products.
  • Business Opportunity articles generally focus on business updates from executives and achievement updates for Builders. It’s a good section to touch base with some thoughts from Multipure leadership on current events and developments at the company.
  • Science articles are a terrific training resource for all Builders, regardless of any deeper interest or inclination toward science and technology. You can find a wide range of articles here pertaining to water filtration, water contamination, product certification, water quality, water safety, and health.

Multipure Videos

Multipure’s YouTube channel contains several lists of useful training videos beyond the business-centric Virtual Training:

  • How-To Videos are useful for both Builders and customers, and include quick demonstrations (3-5 minutes) on connecting and maintaining your Multipure products.
  • Multipure University includes videos on testing your water for chlorine, understanding what TDS means for water treatment, Aqualuxe certification, and V-Band installation tips (applicable to the Aquaperform, Aquaversa, and Aquamini).

Multipure Social Media

Multipure’s social media presence is an important resource for finding the latest updates and information from Multipure HQ. Posts include water emergency notifications, meeting and event notifications, behind-the-scenes employee updates, and human-interest stories. It is a good resource on the social side of the business.

Your Builder Network

One of the best resources you have available to you as a Multipure Builder is your own network of Builders. Your fellow Builders represent a complex and varied collection of individuals with their own motivations, desires, and reasons for seeking out cleaner water and an opportunity for success. Leverage the power of your network for mutual training, collaborative meetings, and regularly scheduled interactions for advice, help, and comradery. This is a business in which you can work for yourself as your own boss, but not something you have to do by yourself, alone. The power of a robust, mutually-assisting Builder network is that everyone can improve their business when everyone helps each other.

So take advantage of all of the training resources available to you through Multipure and through your Builder network. Educate and improve yourself, your business, and your network, and help grow your success and the success of those around you. The beauty of Multipure’s business opportunity is that you do not have to be an expert to get started on your business. Your passion, your belief, and your commitment to yourself and your business can drive your success. Training will help you get there, and help build your confidence, but sharing these products with others, and helping create satisfied customers will fuel your expansion. Maximize your training, develop yourself, and spread your knowledge of Multipure to improve the water, health, and lives of everyone around you.