The business of Multipure is twofold: enabling Builders to sell Multipure’s water filtration products directly to consumers, and helping Builders develop a network of additional Builders to duplicate their efforts and reach a broader audience. While direct product sales can be a successful method of earning commissions, Builders who grow and expand their network find that they can earn from the efforts of hundreds – even thousands – of downline Builders, vastly extending their consumer base and earnings.

Personal Presentation

The first step to expanding your Builder network is in understanding how to present yourself. The way you present yourself to others defines and shapes how others perceive yourself and your business. To that end, you need to decide what kind of image you want to present: Casual or formal? Inspired by health, money, or environmental concerns? More strictly organized, or more laid-back? These decisions will impact the types of people that may be open to joining your downline network.

Regardless of your professional style, there are certain universal traits for a positive appearance and interaction. Your clothing should be clean and presentable, and appropriate for meeting others to discuss business. Your personal grooming should be neat, trimmed, and orderly. You should have business cards available to offer to prospective Builders with your most up-to-date contact information. You should observe all appropriate social graces during conversation – handshakes, greetings, appropriate language, and so on. You should be confident in presenting your products and business opportunity, yet actively listening to address prospective questions and concerns. And you should be willing to ask for the sale or registration, but not be so pushy as to drive indecisive prospects away entirely.

Tips for a good impression:

  • When meeting a prospect, make sure you are well-groomed: check your hair, fingernails, and odor, at the minimum, to make sure you are presentable.
  • Check your outfit for rips, stains, or wrinkles before going to meet a prospect.
  • Stand out with Multipure-branded clothing and materials, such as shirts, jackets, pens, and water bottles. Wearing Multipure-branded clothing lets people know it is your business, and not simply a hobby.

Networking through Locations and Interests

A great way to expand your business network is to find and approach people with similar interests. When you go somewhere with like-minded people, half the work of presenting your business opportunity is already done. Some examples of these types of places include:

  • Trade Shows: Trade shows involving water treatment, health, or environmentally-conscious products are great places to meet prospective Multipure Builders, as all of those subjects are touched upon by Multipure drinking water systems and Home Essentials. Most people you meet at these types of trade shows or conferences may have existing interests in cleaner water and better hydration, making it easy to engage in discussion on drinking water filtration. Others, more focused on environmentally-friendly products, can be involved in discussions on the advantages of carbon-block filtration over wasteful disposable plastic water bottles.
  • Networking Groups: Groups of like-minded entrepreneurs and network marketers can be a great place to share information, gain advice and tips, and even recruit new prospects. Networking groups can be found both locally and online – both types generally promote their meetings through social media such as Facebook.
  • Farmers Markets: A farmers market allows you to engage with both vendors and customers regarding Multipure’s products and business opportunity. Farmers may be interested in products like the Aquagrow that can offer cleaner water for plants and animals, and both vendors and customers may be interested in sharing helpful products with others as a Multipure Builder.
  • Fairs: Local fairs can be a mixed bag when it comes to like-minded people, as attendees can be there for a wide variety of reasons, such as rides, food, or games. But, by setting up a Multipure booth at a fair, you can reach a large and varied crowd of local people, some of whom may be interested in cleaner water for health reasons or as an entrepreneurial opportunity. A fair is more of a “quantity over quality” method of finding prospective Builders.
  • Gyms/Health Clubs: A gym or health club is generally attended by regular clients interested in better health and wellness. This makes it a good location to talk to people about the benefits of filtered water and earning money by educating people about cleaner water beyond disposable plastic bottles.
  • Opportunity Meetings: Multipure Opportunity Meetings are a way to both meet and share your knowledge with fellow Builders, and meet prospective customers or Builders. Opportunity Meetings are best utilized when you invite prospects to attend, as the meeting itself will offer knowledge and education, doing some of the recruiting work for you.
  • Places You Regularly Attend: Events and places you regularly attend and meet familiar people can make for strong locations to talk about health and hydration. Your children’s sporting events, your hair salon, parent-teacher association meetings, and both indoor and outdoor parks are good examples of this. When you already know some of the people there, it can make it easier to talk about both wellness and business.

Social Media

A powerful tool to expand your Builder network beyond local outlets is through social media. Through social media, you can keep people informed and educated about water contamination and water filtration. You can offer your insights and opinions on the topics of hydration, health, and filtered water versus bottled water. You can share reports on both the science and business of water treatment and drinking water. Through social media, you can reach like-minded prospects from across the country.

Just remember that each social media platform is unique, and therefore requires a different approach to reach people.

  • Facebook: Facebook’s news feed can lend itself to longer-form posts and updates, but is reliant on regular updates or paid promotional posts to reach other users’ news feeds consistently. Good for promoting events, meetings, or special promotions to an existing audience. Remember that photos and videos can make a big impact when it comes to drawing attention to your posts.
  • Twitter: Great for bite-sized, stream-of-consciousness posts and reactions. Moves at a very fast pace, making it harder to cultivate an audience without regular posts every few hours or so to attract attention.
  • Instagram: Driven by photos, with a photo-journaling mindset that lends itself to snapshots of interesting sights or pictures or videos of your daily routine.
  • TikTok: Driven by short, quirky, often-humorous, attention-grabbing videos, and can be powerful at quickly attracting an audience if you can adapt to the fast-moving trends and challenges that tend to dominate TikTok feeds.

Expanding through Teaching

One of the best resources you have for prospective Builders is your customer base. When you have customers that are happy and satisfied with your products, you have people that are more likely to recommend your products to others. Let your customers know that being a Multipure Builder can be as simple as recommending great, life-improving products to others. When they recommend products to others and they buy them, you earn money as a Builder.

Furthermore, one of the most important lessons for Builders is to understand the power of duplication. By teaching your downline Builders, you can duplicate your knowledge and methods for sales and recruiting. When you learn to duplicate your successful methods by training others, you create a downline that is able to more successfully reach customers, sell products, and build their own downline networks. When your downline Builders sell more and expand more, you benefit, as well, since you earn commissions on up to 10 levels of your downline network as long as you are actively PAR-qualified.

This means that to expand your Builder network, first expand your knowledge, your methods, and your personal success. Use the best practices that you have learned to recruit Builders and teach them what you know. You are not in competition with your network, but working with your network – you may be in business for yourself, but it does not mean that you are in business by yourself. Help others expand their Builder networks to help expand your own Builder network.