As a Multipure Builder, you need to present yourself, your business, and Multipure in the best light possible to customers and prospects. Part of that is in the way you write for your business, whether for a website, an email, flyers, pamphlets, social media, or more. Here are some useful tips for general business writing:

  • Write to your audience. Who are you targeting with your writing? Entrepreneurs and other business professionals? Health and fitness aficionados? Environment and conservation enthusiasts? Tailor the tone of your writing to your audience.
  • Have a key point in mind with your writing, and make sure that you emphasize that point. For example, if you are writing about Multipure’s NSF certifications, make sure you highlight the breadth of contaminants Multipure is certified to treat in drinking water, with examples of specific key contaminants such as lead, arsenic-V, PFOA/PFOS, and microcystin. If your key point is reliability and support, highlight Multipure’s lifetime warranty on our drinking water system housings.
  • Trim any excessive text when possible, and don’t ramble. Too much text can take focus away from your main point.
  • Fact check any claims before you make them. Nothing hurts your credibility more than writing incorrectly about something that can easily be checked by a web search.
  • Avoid unprofessional fonts such as Comic Sans, Papyrus, or anything with excessive embellishment.
  • Check grammar and spelling before finalizing anything.

Spending a little time to ensure proper business writing can have a big impact on the impression you make to others.