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When comparing water treatment technologies and products, Rule #1 is to make sure the product is NSF-certified. It is not enough to simply acknowledge the NSF certification; to ensure you are getting the best system, you need to go a step further. Why is this important? Because NSF certification provides an unbiased, independent, third-party guarantee […]Continue Reading


For this month’s March 2020 Spotlight, “Harmful Contaminants in Drinking Water,” we’ve covered How Contaminants Get in Your Drinking Water and How to Read the Water Quality Report. Now, we’re going to talk about Why Certification is Important. In a nutshell, certification provides an unbiased guarantee that something performs according to its claims. It is […]Continue Reading


NSF International is the premier product testing, inspection, and certification organization, responsible for designing and testing product performance standards related to food safety, water treatment, health products, consumer appliances, building materials, and environmental protection, among others. In conjunction with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), NSF develops, maintains, and revises testing standards for the industries […]Continue Reading


A recent investigative article, “Fake Filters? Companies falsely claim to have prestigious water safety certification” examined the water treatment industry with an eye toward counterfeit or misleading water treatment product claims. Water contamination issues have gained greater awareness in recent years, such as in Brady, Texas, home to more than 400 violations for excessive radium contamination, […]Continue Reading


At Multipure, we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of independent testing and certification, and how proud we are of our products’ broad array of NSF certifications. We do this because it is what truly sets us above and apart from the rest of the 5,000 other drinking water systems and filters […]Continue Reading


Power. Performance. Integrity. Multipure takes pride in the comprehensive contaminant-reduction performance of our industry-leading drinking water systems. That pride is in-part founded upon the third-party testing and verification delivered by our many NSF certifications. It is those NSF certifications that set us above and beyond our product peers when it comes to drinking water treatment, […]Continue Reading