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4 Top Trends in the Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Reading


Greater efficiency and innovation are considered the primary areas of development for the water and wastewater treatment equipment market. Diminishing freshwater reserves puts additional pressure on governments to meet the cumulative demand for uninterrupted water supply. Different types of instruments are used at different stages of water treatment. Manufacturers are focused on developing innovative and […]Continue Reading


Distillation for hydraulic fracturing flowback treatment Reading


Mining water management for reduced environmental impact Reading


Industry Update: Researchers develop mercury-absorbing sponge Proposed White House budget slashes scientific funding Reading


EPA names first chemicals for review under new TSCA legislation The basics of activated carbon adsorption Environmental Update: EPA amends Risk Management Programs for chemical facilities Industry Update: Obama finalizes Stream Protection rule affecting mining industry Reading


Identifying and responding to problems treating wastewater Professor POU/POE: Municipal wastewater treatment Reading


Contaminant of the Month: Atrazine & Metabolites Why efficiency is important in water treatment applications Reading


Drinking Water News: USGS finds 25 states with highly corrosive groundwater   Contaminants of Concern: 20k miles of impaired rivers in Pennsylvania, neurotoxin in Antarctic sea   Industry News: Scientists question EPA report on hydraulic fracturing’s effect on water Reading


Causes of 6 common taste and odor water issues Professor POU/POE: Foodborne & waterborne disease Flint crisis puts focus on home treatment technologies Reading