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Drinking water can come from many different places. The primary sources of the water that goes through the pipes of your home most commonly derive from two main sources. Groundwater from underneath the Earth’s surface comes from aquifers, which are rocks with pores, voids and cracks that store and transmit water. Surface water is more […]Continue Reading


Recent headlines about water quality have grabbed the nation’s attention and left many wondering what they can do to protect their homes and families. While there are instances of cancer-causing chemicals in tap water, the good news is that filtration systems can keep chemical water pollution out of your home. Several carcinogens commonly find their […]Continue Reading


To Our Concerned Customers and Builders: A recent Emergency Alert in Salem, Oregon advised customers to avoid drinking tap water due to contamination with cyanotoxins. Many of our customers and Builders in Oregon have expressed concern regarding the efficacy of their Multipure Drinking Water System to treat cyanotoxin-contaminated tap water. The short answer is that […]Continue Reading


In early October, Multipure’s Pure Foundation sent a team to Puerto Rico to provide aid and assistance to the people affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria. The storm destroyed water, power, and communication infrastructure throughout the island, leaving many without access to basic necessities. Drinking water is a particularly difficult challenge for tens of thousands […]Continue Reading


This past month, National Network Director Ed Amerault completed his work with the Pond Mutual Water Company to provide and direct installation of Aquaperform Drinking Water Systems in Kern County, California. With Arsenic contamination discovered in eighteen homes in Kern County, the California State Water Resources Control Board designated emergency water response funds for the […]Continue Reading


Discharge permit challenges Reading


Dear Folks at Multipure-  I am certain that you well know the importance of the work that you do and the products that you make, but I thought that I’d share our family’s experience with your product and how grateful that we are for what you do.  Almost three years ago, we renovated our 100 […]Continue Reading


Identifying and responding to problems treating wastewater Professor POU/POE: Municipal wastewater treatment Reading


Drinking Water News: USGS finds 25 states with highly corrosive groundwater   Contaminants of Concern: 20k miles of impaired rivers in Pennsylvania, neurotoxin in Antarctic sea   Industry News: Scientists question EPA report on hydraulic fracturing’s effect on water Reading


Beyond Flint: Excessive lead levels found in almost 2,000 water systems across all 50 states EPA Happenings: Flint Flushing Program and Presidential Student Awards Municipal News: Drinking Water Week, Senate Committee Acts On Infrastructure Contaminants of Concern: Arsenic in Wells, Perchlorate at Mount Rushmore Professor POU/POE: Chloramines in Water Reading