Today – February 4, 2019 – is World Cancer Day, so let us all take a moment to remind ourselves of the importance of cancer prevention, detection, and treatment, and to think about all of those who have experienced the pain and suffering of cancer, either personally or through friends and loved ones.

And while we at Multipure do not have the technological ability to help in the detection or treatment of cancer, we DO have an important tool in the prevention of cancer formation: carbon block drinking water filters.

Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) are drinking water contaminants that enter drinking water supplies from industrial runoff, from landfills, and even from fire-retardant foam. PFCs can be found in cookware, carpets and fabrics, food packaging, clothing, and flooring. And unfortunately, PFCs can cause a host of problems due to ingestion and exposure, including reproductive and developmental issues, hormonal damage, and cancer.

The Silent Spring Institute encountered a wide array of PFC-contaminated waters around the country in their research, and although official governmental testing is limited on PFCs in drinking water, the Silent Spring Institute does suggest the use of carbon block filters as a means to treat potentially contaminated water, and therefore a means to protect against harmful carcinogens in drinking water.

Cancer is a daunting and tragic health problem. For this World Cancer Day, let us do our small part to help by spreading awareness of the importance of water filtration and its role in the treatment of carcinogenic contamination in drinking water.

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