The Multipure Spotlight for February 2020 is “Drinking Water for Your Health”. If you’re reading our blog, you probably already know that water and proper hydration is good for you. But for this post, we’re going to talk about the importance of starting off your day not necessarily with a cup of coffee, but instead with a glass of water.

A recent article in USA Today discusses several reasons why waking up with water is beneficial, so we’re going to go over the main points.

  • Water helps us rehydrate after sleep, because the body can become relatively dehydrated overnight.
  • Water can prime your body’s metabolism, helping to flush out waste and toxins.
  • Water can alleviate fatigue, helping you to wake up more effectively.
  • Water can make you feel fuller, preventing you from overeating at breakfast.

Note, though, that we are definitely not denouncing a morning “cup of joe,” as it were. Rather, we’re simply saying that before you get your morning caffeine fix, drink a nice glass of water first. Preferably a cleaner, healthier glass of drinking water treated by a Multipure drinking water system, of course.