Have you ever had a customer or prospect ask you what the contaminants are in their water? Have you ever wished you had a quick water quality reference to present to a customer? Have you ever wanted something convenient on-hand to help show people why they need a Multipure system?

One method is to look up a customer’s Water Quality Report (aka, Consumer Confidence Report). Through the EPA site, you can input the state and city, and find a local website with a listing of recent water reports. This gives you the data straight from the source, but it can be hard to explain in laymen’s terms.

The second method is to use a tool developed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit environmental health and safety organization. On the EWG Tap Water Database page, you can enter your zip code, select your water supplier, and find a listing of contaminants in your water, their health effects, their tested levels, and how those levels compare to legal limits and their own EWG-recommended guidelines. All of this is presented in a clearly organized chart, written with in plain-language terminology.

These are both useful and convenient tools for Builders and customers to quickly find the specific water contaminants in their area, and a great resource for Builders to talk through with customers and explain the presence of contaminants in tap water.

Please note that EWG health guidelines on contaminant levels are vastly more restrictive than EPA-recommended legal limits, and in some cases, unrealistically restrictive. Regardless, their Tap Water Database can be a powerful resource for quickly gathering regional water contamination data, and should be something that every Builder should bookmark for reference.