Power. Performance. Integrity. Multipure takes pride in the comprehensive contaminant-reduction performance of our industry-leading drinking water systems. That pride is in-part founded upon the third-party testing and verification delivered by our many NSF certifications. It is those NSF certifications that set us above and beyond our product peers when it comes to drinking water treatment, and it is those certifications that afford us the trust of our customers and Builders alike.

Our Multipure Spotlight for August 2019 is “Testing and Certification,” which means that our social media posts and podcasts will focus on the importance of third party testing and certification of products and their performance claims. We will discuss the methods of testing, the details of certification, and the importance of knowing specifically what it means for products to be NSF-certified under certain standards and for specific contaminants.

So throughout August, visit our social media on our Purely Social Blog, Facebook page, and more to learn about Testing and Certification.

In addition, we also host periodic contests and giveaways through our social media, such as our past Love Your Pet Day contest and our World Water Day contest!

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