How to Find the Water Filter to Fit Your Needs

How to Find the Water Filter to Fit Your Needs

Posted by admin on Aug 31st 2021

Over the past month, our articles have focused on the reasons to pay attention to your water quality, how to find out what is in your water, what makes Multipure carbon blocks so effective at water filtration, and why NSF certification is essential to product integrity and trust. For this article, we are going to bring it all together by discussing how to find the right water filter to fit your needs.

Once you understand the importance of high quality water – for drinking, for preparing food, and for cooking – the next step is determining what contaminants may be present in your water supply. This means obtaining a free copy of your most recent water quality report (aka, Consumer Confidence Report, or CCR) from your municipal water provider. Read your CCR, and make sure you understand its contents, making note of any specific contaminants whose presence in your water supply nears or exceeds the EPA-recommended Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). This will let you know the minimal contaminant treatment performance needed from your water filter.

Water issues have been becoming more common in the news within the past several years, ranging from reports of lead contamination, to the rampant spread of microplastics in water supplies, to reports of PFAS – aka, “forever chemicals” – in increasingly widespread contamination. Because of this, when considering a drinking water filtration system for your home, it is a good idea to gain some general knowledge of the more commonly encountered or hazardous drinking water contaminants that have been found in water supplies around the country. Having some background knowledge on water contamination can only make you a better, more informed consumer when it comes time to finding the right water filtration system for your family.

Once you have gained a good foundation about water contaminants, educate yourself on the certification standards used to test and verify the filtration performance of the drinking water systems on the market. Understand why NSF is the gold standard in drinking water filter certification, and why Multipure is justifiably proud of the integrity of our performance claims due to our robust NSF certifications.

With newly gained knowledge about drinking water contaminants and drinking water filter testing and certification, your next step will be learning and understanding the methods available to treat those contaminants. Educate yourself on the commonly available drinking water treatment solutions out there, and determine which one might best fit your needs, based on the following criteria:

  • Performance: Is the drinking water system certified to reduce the contaminants you are most concerned about?

  • Convenience: Is the system convenient to use? Does it provide filtered water whenever you need it, or does it use a reservoir that has to be refilled? Can you use it for more than just drinking? Can you use it for cooking, and for washing fruits and vegetables? How difficult is it to install?

  • Size: How big is the system? Do you have the room needed to install it where you want?

  • Versatility: Is the system limited in installation options? Can it be connected on the countertop? Can it be connected below the sink? Can it be connected inline to your refrigerator or icemaker? Can the installation be changed from one configuration to another?

  • Maintenance: How big is the filter capacity for the system? How difficult is it to maintain? How hard is it to replace the filter? How often does the filter need to be replaced? Does it require additional power or chemical requirements?

  • Coverage: Does the system only treat the contaminants you are concerned about? What other contaminants can it filter from the water? How “future-proof” is the filter regarding contaminants that may be a later concern?

  • Cost: How expensive is the initial system? How expensive are the replacement filters? Are there other ongoing costs to maintain the system? What is the cost per gallon or cost per day to use the system?

At Multipure, we base our systems on the high performance, broad-range contaminant reduction of our proprietary solid carbon block filters. We have previously discussed the reasons why Multipure carbon blocks make the best water filters, and it boils down to filters whose design, materials, and certified performance results in systems that are powerful, efficient, and convenient.

With the thousands of different drinking water systems available to consumers, one of the most important criteria that makes the difference in choosing the right filter is that of trust and integrity – something Multipure puts great stock in as a pioneer and leader in the water treatment industry for over 50 years. This trust and integrity can be most readily demonstrated by c ertified performance. This means that any product claims regarding which contaminants are filtered, and to what extent they are filtered, have been independently tested and certified by an acknowledged, unbiased third-party testing and certification organization. It means that a company is confident enough in its product claims to let outside experts rigorously test and verify those claims, not just in a lab environment, but in real world testing. It means that the product in question can be trusted to perform exactly as you expect it to perform, because it not only has certified results from the testing organization, but you can also view the testing results yourself to confirm with your own eyes. When it comes to testing and certification organizations, NSF is not only among the top of the list, but is also the one states look for when it comes to product certification.

Furthermore, when considering the right drinking water filter, search for the confidence that a company has in its products through its guarantee and warranty. For many products, a return policy and money-back guarantee typically lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase. The product warranty on the products themselves tend to last anywhere from 90 days to one year. At Multipure, we are so confident in the quality and performance of our exceptional drinking water systems that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee – three times higher than typical guarantees – essentially giving customers a 3-month trial to determine if our system is right for them. We are so confident in our products that our drinking water systems include a lifetime warranty, meaning that you can rely on our systems to protect your water for decade after decade. Always consider the durability and longevity of your drinking water system; you want something that will protect water not just for you, but for future generations. And it’s worth mentioning that a lifetime warranty from a company that has been in business for over 50 years means a great deal.

Ultimately, finding the right water filter for your needs comes down to two main parts: 1. Finding the right filtration system to treat the contaminants that are of greatest concern to you, specifically – in other words, finding the right filter technology; and 2. Finding the right product within that category of systems that meet your requirements for cost, convenience, performance, and trust – in other words, finding the right company and product.

When it comes to drinking water, our goal at Multipure is to educate people everywhere on the importance of cleaner water for better health, and on the importance of choosing the right drinking water filtration system to protect your home and family. We are here to enlighten and guide, because we know that an informed consumer will most likely agree with us on the effectiveness, efficiency, and economic benefits of Multipure’s unique carbon block systems. And an informed consumer with the power of a Multipure system is a happier, healthier, and hydrated consumer. For Life. For You.