As announced at our 2018 Pure Convention, Multipure has released our new whole-house system chloramine filters! Available since June 21, 2018, our new CB20CLM filters are specially formulated to reduce the presence of both chloramine and chlorine throughout the entire home’s water supply. In addition, our set of CB20CLMLSI filters add an additional limescale inhibitor element to the chloramine and chlorine treatment. Our new filters are rated for 100,000 gallons of water filtration (as a set of 3 filters), and require an Aquasource Whole House System for use.

  • CB20CLM: Chloramine/Chlorine whole house filter – $140 each (set of 3 required for operation)
  • CB20CLMSLI: Chloramine/Chlorine whole house filter with Limescale Inhibitor – $160 each (set of 3 required for operation)

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